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My Best Albums of 2016: The Gold Medals: 10-1

Here it is, 100's of hours of work, and a whole year of listening to albums has led to these final ten albums.

My Top Ten Albums of 2016 (and a special tribute)

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Have You Heard This (Yet)? Summer Cannibals and Mass Gothic

Yes, this is my version of "Album of the Week" and I try to highlight one "brand new album" and one album that is "new to me."

This week I am featuring Summer Cannibals and Mass Gothic.


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Pirate Transmission #8: Black Hole Wolf Lust #Spotify Playlist

Ahh my weekly Thursday #Spotify playlist, this is a good one, including many old favorites.

This week's playlist includes the Adolescents, The Gories, Sex Pistols, Car Seat Headrest and many others.


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Have You Heard This (Yet)? Car Seat Headrest + Pile

One album that is NEW and one album that is NEW to me. Basically, my spin on Album of the Week.

This week, the bands are Car Seat Headrest and Pile.

Enjoy! I sure did!

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