Have You Heard This (Yet)? Summer Cannibals and Mass Gothic

Have You Heard This Yet?

This is my version of "Album of the Week." Basically, I hype one album that I like and is brand spanking new and one album that I like but heard for the first time this week (that was new to me).

New: Summer Cannibals Full Of It (Kill Rock Stars)

Summer Cannibals...?

So I have no idea why they are only Cannibals in the Summer (probably a horror movie reference?), but since it is Summer I am going to get on the good side of these three fine folks so as not to risk getting eaten. 

In all seriousness, I have been pushing "Full Of It" for weeks now despite my "push" strategy suffering from one major flaw....Yup, as you may have guessed, "Full Of It" wasn't officially released by Kill Rock Stars until today. 

Anyway, it is out now, and it is what you could call a RIPPER IMHO! What do I mean by that? 

What I mean is that this album RIPS (Plus, Jessica sings into a toothbrush....Not that singing in showers is something anyone else has ever done...sigh)!

Many times, bands grow up and get a more professional sheen and it really subtracts from the power of the band's original sound. In some ways, Summer Cannibals got more professional (and kind of also became a new band by addition and subtraction of members) and they sound even better. Good deal! 

Anyway, it is really good stuff and perfect or the Summer (eating habits aside).

Here is their Bandcamp, seriously, buy the album, it is really good!

New To Me: Mass Gothic: Mass Gothic (Sub Pop)

The more I have heard this album by Mass Gothic (Self-Titled), the more it has me entranced. It is at times difficult, brooding, sad, and it is even (at times) heartbreaking. But at the core of the songs is a really clever songwriting sense and some serious emotional honesty. 

Great hooks, like?


In an odd way, Mass Gothic (Noel Heroux formerly of Hooray For Earth) kind of reminds me of why I like Mas Ysa. Not in style or genre per se, but with both artists, it seems that no matter what is being discussed they both always find ways to ground those subjects in rivers of clever hooks.

Every Night You've Got To Save Me is a celebration right?....(how do you make a 50's girl group stomp-groove seem full of melancholy?). 

Plus, what is it about me liking bands with people singing into substitute microphones (Jessica with the toothbrush and Noel with liquor)?

Here is the Bandcamp (as in you should order it immediately):

Here is the album on Spotify. Did I mention it is really good? 

That's it. Hope you enjoy both albums. 

By the way, last week I highlighted Car Seat Headrest, still gobsmacked that Ric Ocasic really made them recall 50K worth of albums for an homage (And I love The Cars).

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend (and deep thanks to all the families, friends, and loved ones of soldiers who died in the line of service)!

What did you think of these albums? What have you been listening to this week? Would love to hear what you think, leave a comment!

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