The "Sticky Warm Truth" Spotify Playlist (I Hate Radio)

The "Sticky Warm Truth" #Spotify Playlist


Every Tuesday (or Monday night) I put out a new curated playlist for your listening enjoyment. You can "Just Hit Play" or check out the song list below for Easter Eggs about the bands.  

Last week's playlist was my the "Men Kill Fox" #Spotify Playlist.

The Songs (with Easter Eggs)


1. Sticky Drama (A.G. Cook Remix), Oneohtrix Point Never, Single (2016)

Very trippy remix, almost confessional and intimate in the oddest possible way.

2. Fineshrine, Purity Ring, Shrines (4AD, 2012)

Sometimes I let too much information out, I actually like Purity Ring...Apologies in advance.

3. Dead Eyes Opened, Severed Heads, Since The Accident (Ink Records, 1984)

Used to love this Australian band back in the 80's.

4. Warm, Cabaret Voltaire, #7885 Electropunk to Technopop 1978 - 1985 (Mute, 2014)

Umm...Used to love this UK Band back in the 80's

5. AS Truth, Amnesia Scanner, Single (Young Turks, 2016)

I really liked Amnesia Scanners last EP. I hope they keep going in this very experimental direction.

6. Please, Blanck Mass, Single (Sacred Bones, 2017)

I love Fuck Buttons, this is one-half (Benjamin John Power) of that band. Blanck Mass had one of my favorite albums of 2015 and have a new album on the way.

7. Vanished, Crystal Castles, Crystal Castles (Different Recordings, 2008)

I know Alice and Ethan don't like each other at all, but I still love the three albums.

8. Don't Crash, Front 242, Backcatalogue (Wax Trax 1987)

One of my all-time favorite Front 242 songs, I remember being blown away by it the first time I heard it and it still holds up today.

9. Oktober, Chris and Cosey, The Best of Funky Alternatives (2010)

Chris and Cosey were in Throbbing Gristle which tells you all you probably need to know. This was during their exotic dance music period. I saw them play a double bill with SPK in Dallas in the 80's.

10. Your Silent Face, New Order,  Power Corruption and Lies (Factory, 1983)

Only the third time I have ever put a song that I have used before on a second playlist. In this instance, it is from one of my four or five all-time favorite bands.

Wrapping It Up


I wanted to do a playlist that incorporated electronic music from most of the decades that I have been listening to alternative music. I hope you enjoy the result as much as I enjoyed putting it together. The Chris and Cosey is a song from the 80's that was remastered recently (Oktober).

I call my site "On Pirate Satellite" because of the song "This is Radio Clash" by The Clash

The crazy names of the playlists were inspired by Captain Beefheart.

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