Game Day: University of Michigan Basketball vs. Nebraska - U of M Sports News 1/14/2017

Game Day: Michigan vs. Nebraska (University of Michigan Basketball)

1/14/2017 - In just a few hours the University of Michigan Basketball team will take to the floor at the Crisler Center (2 p.m.BTN) to play the surprisingly successful Nebraska Cornhuskers (who already have Big 10 wins over Indiana, Maryland, and Iowa). On paper, as Wolverine 24/7 details, this game should favor the Wolverines but, as we have recently found out, games are not played on paper. In fact, it is hard to imagine Michigan beating anyone if they continue to play their recent "White Collar" style of basketball (devoid of defense or of rebounding).

I do want to tip my cap to the writers in the sports department at the University of Michigan for highlighting Michigan's low foul and turnover rates (clever positive spin but not exactly the best way to answer claims of being a "White Collar" basketball team).

It may not sound like it, but I love Michigan Basketball, I want nothing more than for the interior defenders to start intimidating penetrators and for the guards to start closing out on shooters. I truly hope that this starts happening on the double quick, this is a winnable game but against an overmatched but resilient team.  

Let us hope that this is the game where Michigan starts to turn at least part of a corner! Go Blue!