Pissed Jeans, The Courtney's, & Giancarlo Esposito - Music News 1/17/2017

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My first piece of business, Happy Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

I know this is the news for tomorrow, but I am writing it on the 16th and I take MLK Jr. day very seriously because I look to him as a hero in many ways. A cool aside, a woman at my church was a family friend of Martin Luther King Jr. and I got to sit and talk to her about her experiences yesterday (it was really cool).

I do these because I got tired of just publishing links across my social media. It is more fun to interact with the stories that I used to just send as links.

Every Tuesday, I put out new Spotify playlists. Last week's playlist was The "Men Kill Fox" #Spotify Playlist (and yes, that means the new playlist will be out tomorrow - spoiler - it is all electronic music).

Pissed Jeans (Sub Pop)


Sure Pissed Jeans, the noise rock band from Pennsylvania, have a bit of an unfortunate name (although I really want them to play a double-bill with Vomitface) but they are a really great band. They are loud, angry, explosive, and fun (and I mean really loud).

As you might have guessed, the news is that Pissed Jeans have a new album coming out in February. The album is to be called "Why Love Now" and the release date is February 24th (Sub Pop records).

The first single from "Why Love Now" is this blistering explosion they call "Ignorecam."

And now, they have released another song "The Bar is Low":

I started listening to them when they put out King of Jeans in 2009. 

Giancarlo Esposito Interview About Gus Fring (Better Call Saul, AMC)

Again, not music, but this is a music and television blog and I will take any opportunity to push Better Call Saul (which I recap and starts up April 10th) and yesterday, Giancarlo Esposito did an interview about his upcoming return as Gus Fring.

Of course, my love of Giancarlo started when he played Buggin' Out in Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing" but he is always greatness (just a really talented actor).

The Courtneys Are Coming (Flying Nun Records)


Lots of good stuff being released soon, new Japandroids, Cloud Nothings (which I may have heard recently), the aforementioned Pissed Jeans, and No age are all coming soon. 

But, another album coming in February that I am really looking forward to is "Courtneys II" (Feb. 17) by Vancouver's "The Courtneys." The Courtneys just released the second single from the album and it is called "Tour"


But, just for fun, let's skip to Bandcamp for the first single, called "Silver Velvet." 

And just because it is awesome, check out their first album too:

Anyway, The Courtneys are the first non-New Zealand band to be signed to Flying Nun records (pretty cool). Check em out.

Wrapping Up

Pretty good mix tonight. Lots of good music coming soon and I am very excited about my new "all electronic" playlist I am releasing in just a few hours.

Again, I hope everyone had a really happy MLK Jr. day!

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