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Better Call Saul S3 E2: "Witness" (AMC) - "The Cocobolo Times" Recap

Better Call Saul S3 E2 "Witness" (AMC). This week Jimmy and Kim hire new help, Jimmy and Mike meet a new-old friend, and Chuck gets revenge.


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Better Call Saul S3 E1: "Mabel" (AMC) - "The Cocobolo Times" Recap

Better Call Saul S3 E1 "Mabel" covers the beginnings of the law firm of Wexler-Mcgill, the continuing deterioration of the relationship between Chuck and Jimmy McGill, and the start of Mike Ehrmantraut's detective work into his failed attempt to kill the local leaders of the cartel.

This is "The Cocobolo Times" recap.

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Pissed Jeans, The Courtney's, & Giancarlo Esposito - Music News 1/17/2017

News on Pissed Jeans (the band) new album, a new Giancarlo Esposito Interview, and The Courtneys forthcoming new album.

Music News 1/17/2017

Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music!

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5 Things #Netflix "The Get Down" Got (Really) Right

A Show that captures the rise of hip-hop in 1977 NYC? Didn't I already write hundreds of pages about a show like that? Wasn't that last year? 

I hate to admit it, but in many ways, the new Netflix series "The Get Down," got more about the rise of hip-hop right than did HBO's Vinyl. 

Here are five things "The Get Down" got (really) right!

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Tribe Called Quest: The Low-End Theory (1991, Jive)

Every Wednesday I post a new entry into my All-Time Album series.

This week's entry is The Low-End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest.

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