The Flaming Lips, The XX, and a Projection - "I Hate Radio" Music News 1/14/2017

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I used to just post links to the stories that I found interesting but now I have decided that it is more satisfying to be able to add some commentary as well.

I am reserving Weekends as the time to communicate the music I have been listening to during any particular week.

Every Tuesday I put out new Spotify Playlists, this week's playlist is called the "Men Kill Fox" #Spotify Playlist and includes songs from The Strokes, The Buzzcocks, Television, Happy Meal Ltd. and many others.

The Flaming Lips Oczy Mlody (Warner Brothers, 2017)


Who knew that Unicorns shit everywhere? Thanks, Wayne Coyne. Wayne is pretty out there but usually interesting.

Okay, so The Flaming Lips are kind of my hometown band. I used to go watch them all the time when I was in high school and college. So, they have released a new and predictably trippy album called "Oczy Mlody" here it is:

Is it as good as The Soft Bulletin...No, but it is still a good listen. I also made a Flaming Lips playlist of my favorites from decades of Lips ate last year that I am pretty proud of, here it is:

The xx - I See You (Young Turks, 2017)


I have always liked the xx, they are very mellow, but also very good at what they do. This is their new album which I have had on heavy rotation this week (don't just take my word for it, the good folks at Pitchfork liked it too):

A Projection - Framework (Tapete Records, 2017)


I love Bauhaus, Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy and the rest of the post-punk goth bands from my youth. I had not heard  of "A Projection" until I came across this review of their new album "Framework." I like it...So, here it is:

Uranium Club - All Of Them Naturals (Static Shock Records, 2017)


Finally, I wanted to give another shout-out to Uranium Club since I really think this is a great album (I talked about it earlier this week).

And here is a link to their bandcamp:

Little Simz - Stillness in Wonderland (Age 101, 2016)


I also really want to get to the new Chief Keef record...Also, I have been listening to Little Simz this week too, so I will include that one here as well:

Closing Time

Shh...Don't tell anybody that I included two extra albums (I usually highlight three albums every Friday).

Hope you have a great weekend! Hope my Michigan Wolverines figure out how to play defense tomorrow against Nebraska (sigh).

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