The "Cocky Chulas Love" Spotify Playlist (I Hate Radio)

The Cocky Chulas Love Spotify Playlist


Every Tuesday (or Monday night) I put out a new curated playlist for your listening enjoyment. You can "Just Hit Play" or check out the song list below for Easter Eggs about the bands.  

Last week's playlist was my Fearless Tin Stereo Playlist, you can listen to it HERE.

The Songs (click on links to learn more about the bands or check out their labels)

1. Gotta Wanna, Gun Outfit, Dream All Over (Wharf Cat Records, 2016)

Been a big fan of Gun Outfit for several years and their last full album made my "Best of 2015" album list. I wanted to start in a dreamy place for some reason.

2. Looks Like That, Sneaks, It's a Myth (Merge Records, 2017)

I am a total mark for Eva Moolchan's music. Loved Gymnastics and love everything that I have heard from "It's a Myth" so far.

3. Oh Please be a Cocky Cool Kid, ShitKid, EP (PNKSLM, 2016)

I included a song from the second EP by Sweden's ShitKid a few week's ago, but here is a cool song from their first EP last year as well. I am not sold on the name but their music is really excellent lo-fi goodness.

4. Anymore, Goldfrapp, Silver Eye (Mute Records, 2017)

Wanted to include a few different feeling electronic songs on this list. Plus, it is always fun to throw in a few meticulously crafted songs to balance the coloring outside the lines most of my usual music indulges in. I listen to a lot of kinds of music, what can I say?

5. Nothing, Sacred Paws, Strike a Match (Rock Action Records, 2017)

Cool mix of influences on this song by a duo from London and Glasgow, everything from the Vampire Weekend African African Ppp, to some ska, and even a taste of funk horn section fun. Good stuff, I love that Juju style of African stuff...always makes me smile.

6. I Don't Think I Can Stay, Adult Books, Running From the Blows (Lolipop Records, 2016)

Kind of bummed I didn't hear this band until 2017 because I am Pretty sure this album would have been on my top 45 of 2016 list.  Anyway, I included them a few weeks ago, but here they are again (I am also supposed to do an interview with them soon).

7.  Si Vous Plait, Otoboke Beaver, Bakuro Book (2016)

I know absolutely nothing about this band (except that they are from Kyoto and got the thumbs up from Shonen Knife), I randomly came across them and loved their song. Hopefully, in my research to finish this post I will learn some more about them? 

8. Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas), Downtown Boys, Single (Sub Pop, 2017)

I love that Downtown Boys are decolonizing punk rock. I am also really glad that their new album is probably coming soon.

9. Can't Exist, Tyvek, Origin of What (In The Red Records, 2016)

Look, I am in Michigan, I love Detroit Bands. Also, "Origin of What" did make my Top 45 albums of 2016 list, so here is some more Tyvek (this song is total greatness btw).

10. I Think I'm In Love, Pip Blom, Single (Grunt Grunt a Go Go, Grunt 2017)

I am a pretty big fan of this band from Amsterdam. I was high on last year's "Are We There Yet?" EP.  Anyway, this is a great new song from a great band. 

11. Girl, Bed., Single (2016)

Okay, I think this is a Portland Husband and Wife duo that I heard on NPR but I don't know much about them. I have been looking around, but not much on them. Catchy tune for sure.

12. The Best Part of Being Young Is Falling In Love, The Homesick, Youth Hunt (Subroutine Records, 2017)

I mean with a name like "The Homesick" this would read as Emo, but I would put them more in the Joy Division to Jesus & Mary Chain end of the post-punk section of the bins. Shoegaze for sure, but still has nice touches of post-punk and remind me of Canada's Preoccupations.  I do know that they are from the Netherlands.

13. Relief, Me Not You, Single (2017)

Another duo, this time from New York singing about getting kicked out of Catholic School. Good stuff, looking forward to hearing more. Another band that is hard to find information on (boo). I am going to try emailing and tweeting them. 

14. The Mighty Midshipman, Centro-Matic, Love You Just The Same (2003)

I miss Centro-Matic. Come back Centro-Matic. Please...I promise to provide directions to cool places to eat if you have a reunion near Detroit. Speaking of Centro-Matic, one of my good friends Joe is putting out a new record as Horse to Water (he is also a huge Centro fan). More on this soon.

15. Heart Sunk Hank, Johnny Flynn, Sillion (Transgressive Records, 2017)

This song could really not be more awesome if it tried. I just L O V E this song. Plus I wanted to bookend Gun Outfit with some rootsy goodness.

Closing Time

Figured I would throw in another Sacred Paws song because they are so fun (enjoy!). 

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