"I Hate Radio" Video of the Day: Wall - Cuban Cigars

Video of the Day: Wall - Cuban Cigars

WALL is kind of a mysterious NYC band, I keep hearing their first album is coming out soon, but it is hard to find much information. WALL have done a few interviews which confirm that they are influenced by Pylon, Gang of Four, and the B-52's (which are all great influences to have).

Anyway, this was one of my favorite singles from 2016 and, since it has a Richard Kern-directed video (Kern is a director famous for his casting of NYC musicians like Lydia Lunch back in the day). Given I liked the song so much,  I figured I should highlight it for anyone who missed the EP when it came out (I highlighted it here at the time). 

Here is the Bandcamp for the EP

and the Spotify for the EP

They have released four singles since the EP came out (I assume in support of the forthcoming new album "Untitled"). I included two of them on recent playlists (High Ratings and Save Me).

WALL are on the label Wharf Cat Records

Anyway, as usual, Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music!