The "Fearless Tin Stereo" Spotify Playlist (I Hate Radio)

The "Fearless Tin Stereo" Spotify Playlist


Get ready, this one could cause Tinnitus.

No, seriously, this one RIPS.

Every Monday night I put out a new curated playlist for your listening enjoyment. You can "Just Hit Play" or check out the song list below for information about the bands and commentary about the songs.  

I would apologize, in advance, for anyone who is easily offended by Mudhoney, but on second thought, if you listen closely, you will get it.

Last week's playlist was the "Halo Ghost Cigarettes" playlist.

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The Songs (Click on Hyperlinks for more information about the bands)


1. Stereo, Pavement, Brighten the Corners (Canyon International Records, 1997)

I still totally love Pavement. I am kind of surprised that they haven't made more appearances on my playlists. I know, you may be thinking that I should have included one of the songs from Spiral Stairs new album...I dunno, I was really feeling Pavement this week.

2. Garlic Soup, Loose Tooth, Big Day (2017)

I can thank Spotify's suggestion engine for this Aussie band. It is scary how often it identifies new music that I like. I don't mind, for it to suggest the music, I have to have listened to music that has enough similarities for it to be suggested. Anyway, I don't mind becoming a cyborg for music..Oh, and it's a great song too.

3. Milkman, Bully, Bully EP (TTR Records, 2014)

I picked the Bully EP version because I just like it better. Frankly, while I really liked "Feels Like" the EP was just better. I am not sure if it was the production or if it was something else, but the EP is the way to go. Either way,  Alicia Bognanno is a force.

4.  HeelHeal, IDLES, Brutalism (Balley Records, 2017)

This song could burn the house down. Seriously, this is one serious primal scream of a rock gem. If you don't listen to this with the volume up...I will be really sad (not Emo sad...more Seinfeld sad).

I might be crazy but I hear some Big Black influence in IDLES FYI.

5. F.D.K, Mudhoney, My Brother the Cow (Reprise Records, 1995)

I mean yes, this song is a controversial three-alarm-fire of fury. I used to listen to this album on repeat when it first came out. It bothers me a lot that Grunge often gets reduced to it's more commercially (neutered) radio friendly practitioners. I have nothing at all against Soundgarden or Pearl Jam (I like both bands)...I just prefer to remember Nirvana, Mudhoney, and Melvins.

I like Grunge that goes down like sludgy Guinness Stout.

6. Bed For The Scraping, Fugazi, Red Medicine (Dischord, 1995)

Another very personal album to me. I love Fugazi (and Minor Threat). Ian MacKaye and his bands and label also had a Clashesque ethos that has always resonated with me (insisting on low-cost albums and shows etc.). By the way, Bad Brains should have been inductees in the Rock and Roll HOF Class of 2017...Just saying.

7. I've Got A Wild Feeling, Milk Music, Cruise Your Illusion (Fat Possum Records, 2013)

This band really reminded me of both Dinosaur Jr. and Paw when they first came out. Not sure what made me remember them. But, glad I did (really fit in with the feel of this playlist).

8. Percolator, Charly Bliss, Guppy (Barsuk, 2017)

Charly Bliss are aptly named because they make me very happy. They remind me a great deal of that great Belly + Juliana Hatfield period in the 90's. Great stuff (probably why their music keeps finding it's way onto my lists.

9. Tialtn, Spinning Coin, Raining on Hope Street (not sure, 2017)

Spinning Coin is a great band from Glasgow Scotland and this is the second time I have liked one of their songs enough to put them on a playlist. 

10. Darling, WOMPS, Single (Displaced Records, 2017)

Back-to-back bands from Glasgow, this one has a really heavy Cure vibe but a good one. Great song.

11. Love Is, Dude York, Sincerely (Hardly Art, 2017)

This is an alt throwback anthem for sure. This whole playlist has a ton of nostalgia for me. If this year is going to be full of rock songs like this...2017 is going to be an amazing year.

12. Cooker Ship, Albert Hammond Jr., AHJ EP (Cult Records, 2013) 

What can I say, I love The Strokes and I love AHJ. Both of his solo efforts have been a lot of fun IMHO. 

13. Long Time, Blondie, Pollinator (Banquet Records, 2017)

I guess this new Blondie song was written by Blood Orange's Dev Hynes but it sounds so true to the Blondie catalog in the best possible way. Blondie has always been a pure joy experience for me and they still sound incredible.

14. Slip Away, Perfume Genius, No Shape (Matador, 2017)

Love, love, love Perfume Genius (which should be obvious since this is the second time I have included this song on my blog). Looking very much forward to the new album.

15. Livin' Thing, Electric Light Orchestra, A New World Record (United Artists Records, 1976)

I mean you know Jeff Lynn has something special, nobody has been able to capture his sound in over 40 years. Sure, his output hasn't been massive, but it is hard to deny the impact of his classic songs.

Closing Time


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