Taking A Swing At Disintegration: Predicting Robot (Mr. Robot Season 3)

Predicting Robot: Mr. Robot (USA Network)

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USA Network

This one won’t be as detailed as usual, most likely because I think the message of the Rami Malek interview is pretty straightforward (although I could clearly be wrong).

In fact, I am often overjoyed to find out that I am wrong since it means that the show has surprised me. The fun for me is in considering the possibilities.

If you haven’t watched all of seasons 1 and 2 of Mr. Robot, it is possible that something I write tonight will be a spoiler, so beware. SPOILER ALERT!

The Official Rami Malek Interview

Lots of interesting stuff in there, especially like the part about him escaping Mr. Robot (don't worry, he will find him again soon enough). I love the stuff about him being "Awake" and "Grown Up" enough to be taking responsibility for the havoc he has created. 

Good for Elliot, but it won't last. We all know Sam has promised disintegration, so (aside from the title of a Cure album) what does that mean?

My Prediction

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I feel a bit bad about this one (too easy - which means I am probably wrong)

I don’t know if anyone remembers the (underrated and mostly forgotten) show WKRP in Cincinnati? Well, they had an episode called “The Contest Nobody Could Win” where DJ Dr. Johnny Fever messes up and announces an on-air contest for $5.000 that should have been for $50 (remember, this show was on in the late 70’s).

To cover for his error, the station decides to make the contest so hard that nobody could win (hence the name).Anyway, they put samples of like 10 songs together in such a compressed package that they assume nobody will be able to untangle it and then announce that the 5K will go to whoever can identify all of the songs.

About five seconds after they play the compressed clip, someone calls into the station and identifies all of the songs immediately.

I can only HOPE I did not just do this with my dissection of Rami’s interview, but here is my take:

Rami says:

During Season 3, “loyalties will be tested.”

He then later says that Elliot “has come to rely on Angela to help him put the missing pieces of the puzzle back together.”

He then talks about how Elliot will not be as paranoid in relationship to Angela as he is with everyone else because he trusts his oldest friend, thinks it is a “very strong relationship,” and assumes that that relationship will “continue and evolve.”

Okay, and then to close out, Rami says:

“These characters as a whole are relentlessly motivated and ambitious and the side they choose whether it be good or evil has no jurisdiction over what someone will do to get what they want and that results in a very epic battle from each and every one of these characters.”

Okay, pretty sure if you read between those lines, Angela is going to betray Elliot (or, at the least, Elliot is going to believe that Angela betrays him). When one of the only two people that Elliot actually trusts betrays him, I suspect that will send him into a disintegrative spiral.

We know for sure that Angela is capable of incredible focus and if she is “relentlessly motivated” and Elliot’s goals end up diverging from hers, he could easily get rolled in the process.

In other news, I am looking forward to Bobby Cannavale’s character, anyone who has followed my blog for a long time knows I was one of the world’s greatest fans of the HBO show Vinyl (not because it wasn’t deeply flawed but because it covered a lot of musical ground that was pretty important to me). Bobby Cannavale is a really great actor, I am looking forward to seeing what he can create with Sam Esmail.

Okay, one other thing, I loved this new trailer too:

Might be my favorite yet, you can almost watch events unraveling in super high speed, very cool.

Hope everyone is as excited as I am for 10.11 and, of course, for 10.12

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