New Mr. Robot E-Corp Fun and Games: San Diego and Beyond!

San Diego Comic Con Starts An E-Corp Push


* FYI In case you missed it, I just published the fourth part in my "Prediction Robot" series "Lost and Found Inside a (Lucid) Dream).*

Apparently, San Diego Comic Con has launched this seasons effort by the folks at Mr. Robot to provide real-world portals to allow us to interact directly with the alternative reality (or timeline) of the United States circa Mr. Robot's 2015.

At Comic-Con you can go to the bank of E, get E-Coin cards, and use them at over 20 locations throughout San Diego. In addition, you can eat at Red Wheelbarrow BBQ and, while you eat, solve puzzles which when solved allow you to see important images from Season 3.


New Portals for People NOT in San Diego

The San Diego stuff looks fun and amazing, but the interactive opportunities are not limited to people living in San Diego or able to visit San Diego for Comic-Con.


Today, a new E-Corp website mysteriously appeared where you can sign up for an E-Corp newsletter (there is some irony in signing up for an E-Corp newsletter), watch an E-Corp video (which looks suspiciously like a Koch Industries video). There is also an employee login page, but I have yet to see anyone who has figured out a hack for it yet (if you enter the wrong information it just gives you a standard error message or says "that employee does not work here anymore." 

The only advertiser is Red Wheelbarrow BBQ which, when clicked upon, will also lead you to a functional website limited to the Red Wheelbarrow BBQ menu PDF which has been available since Elliot asked us to search his room for the Red BBQ takeout menu.



There is also a My e-coin site with a separate login page that is up as well. You can sign up for an account and you will, once you are signed in, be gifted 20 e-coins. Those e-coins are currently only redeemable at San Diego locations, but both the E-Corp and E-Coin sites suggest that there will be new opportunities coming soon (very fun).


I would suspect that the plot will likely deepen, some of the supporting text on the E-Coin website says that the San Diego effort is the beginning of the "Summer of E-Coin" and that events will be replicated "across the country."

You can also enter the word ENLIGHTENMENT on the promo code page to get a clue, but it is a clue that has to be deployed in San Diego. You are supposed to ask if Red Wheelbarrow BBQ is hiring (and here is what would happen if you ask).


And, if you wanted to see what the message looked like:


Probably my favorite line in all the boiler plate on the "news" page has E-Corp claiming that "The Future Is Safe With Us."

Turns out there is another website that you find information on at the Red Wheelbarrow BBQ restaurant, the site is a Chinese company selling Citronella candles (but dated 2015 which is the timeline of the show). I sent emails to the two email addresses, I will let you know if I get anything back.