A Discussion with Sam Esmail About The Cure: Predicting Robot (Mr. Robot Season 3)

Predicting Robot: Mr. Robot (USA Network)

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So, some of my predicting robot posts have been about predictions, but many of them have not (apologies). 

Today, I was lucky enough to have another Twitter discussion with Sam Esmail. Hopefully, you will understand why I am choosing to focus on that discussion tonight.

If you haven’t watched all of seasons 1 and 2 of Mr. Robot, it is possible that something I write tonight will be a spoiler, so beware. SPOILER ALERT!

Two Imaginary Boys (Talking About The Cure)

The Cure - Disintegration

The Cure - Disintegration

After about a year of detective work, I found out a few weeks ago that while Mac Quayle does the scoring for Mr. Robot, it is actually Sam Esmail that does the music curation himself.

This blog started out as a music blog and since one of my favorite aspects of the show is its music choices, I set out to ask some questions about his connections to the songs he chooses.

Anyway, I knew primary filming was over, so I took a chance and asked Sam if he would answer some of my music questions and tonight he was nice enough to answer a few of them (if there is a part two, I will let you know).

I am glad he answered my questions about The Cure because it has always been my opinion that Sam's use of their song "PIctures of You" (Season 1 Episode 7) was one of the best uses of music as an element of a plot that I have ever seen on television or in a movie. I have previously compared it's placement to the use of the hat in the Cohen's Miller's Crossing.

I particularly love this conversation because it is about one of my all-time favorite bands and because it was cool to find out we shared a passion for the same band from a young age.

Here is the interview:

Robert Smith (the singer/songwriter/guitarist) was a really unique and powerful presence in the 80's, there was really nobody else like him in music before or since. His persona seemed shockingly emotionally open while at the same time he seemed both awkward and socially shy (alternatively goofy and dark and withdrawn). 

In a sense, he could have been Elliot's inner-child.

Probably also worth noting that Sam's answer about anxiety and concerts seems to link him and Elliot even more closely in my own mind. I also have to admit. 

I have a hard time seeing Sam Esmail as a dumb kid (although I am sure we are all dumb kids at times).

'Pictures of You' (the Cure's song in Season 1 Episode 7) was also particularly important in my life (My longest running girlfriend and I considered it "our song" in the early 90's). In other news, it is probably NOT a good sign if the song with you share with your girlfriend is about profound loss (and maybe even about death).

In the spirit of introducing you to Elliot's inner-child, I made this playlist out of my favorite Cure songs last year.

I suspect it will serve as a really good introductory tour for the uninitiated and have some surprises for non-hardcore fans as well (I put out new playlists here on my blog very Tuesday).


If you are looking for more, I wrote a piece about my favorite curated music from Mr. Robot and a piece last year answering some uninformed criticism of the music from the show.

Finally, don't forget, my long-running Mr. Robot recap "Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord?" will be returning the day after Mr. Robot premieres!

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