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Dave Chapelle, Ian Svenonius, and Ill-Advised: "I Hate Radio" Music News 3/14/2017

Dave Chappelle, Ian Svenonius, and Ill-Advised

This is my "I Hate Radio" Music News for 3/14/2017

Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music!

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Fun With Genres: #OPSThrowdown Playlist 4/22/2016

Every weekend I put out YouTube playlists under the heading #OPSThrowdown on Google+ and on YouTube. I reproduce them here as well.

This is the Fun With Genres Playlist from 4/22/2016 Just Hit Play!

Enjoy, Explore, and Celebrate New Music with me! 

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Pirate Transmission #3: Houdini Trash Rash Playlist

Broadcasting for Pirate Satellite, this is Transmission #3: Houdini's Trash Rash

Every Thursday, I post a new Spotify Playlist. Just click on the article and push play to hear the Spotify playlist OR stick around after you hit play and learn more about the bands by clicking on the Band or Artist's name in the blog post.

Enjoy the playlist!

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