Pirate Transmission #3: Houdini Trash Rash Playlist

Buke & Gase, Houdini Crush

Buke & Gase, Houdini Crush

Here we are again, another week, another irresistible Spotify playlist. 

Every Thursday, I create a new playlist and post it here, you can "Just Push Play" here or scroll down and read more about the artists on the playlist. If you click on the band or artist's name I hyperlink a story about them.

The names of the playlists are inspired by Captain Beefheart.


The Songs

Chain & the Gang, In Cool Blood

Chain & the Gang, In Cool Blood

1. All Night Party, Gleaming Spires, Revenge of the Nerds - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

2. Ghost, Kweku Collins, Nat Love

3. Eraser Stargazer Forever, Guerilla Toss, Eraser Stargazer

4. Freak Cast In Iron, Tenement, Bruised Music Vol. 2

5. Certain Kinds of Trash, Chain & the Gang, In Cool Blood

6. Houdini Crush, Buke & Gase, General Dome

7.  Paralyzed, Honduras, Rituals

8. Carpet Rash, Total Control, Henge Beat

9. Radio Cure, The Bad Plus, For All I Care

10. I Can Change, LCD Soundsystem, This Is Happening

I included the LCD Soundsystem track in celebration of their new shows. I included Gleaming Spires because that song always cracks me up.

Until, next week!

Honduras, Rituals

Honduras, Rituals

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