Dave Chapelle, Ian Svenonius, and Ill-Advised: "I Hate Radio" Music News 3/14/2017

Music News 3/14/2017

Yes, only in the loosest sense can I call this "music news," I barely put out two posts a week containing music news (hard to keep up with all of this stuff). On the other hand, just consider it curation.

100% Truth, this is a place where I embed a bunch of music so you can easily explore it.

Also, if you haven't heard this week's playlist yet, it is called "Lola Want War" and you can listen to it here (or click that hyperlink for the blog version with info about all of the music). 

Dave Chappelle is BACK!

Okay maybe not music, although the special is scored by A Tribe Called Quest. I think Comedians are the next closest thing to rock stars anyway and their cadences often play like music (check out Carlin or Murphy or Lenny Bruce).

Anyway, to me, Dave is the funniest comedian in the world and has been for a long time. His SNL was by far the funniest and most risky episode that bloated over-safe corpse of a comedy show has had in years. Chapelle show was a national treasure. In other words, I am pretty damn excited for the Netflix specials (I am also going to watch the new Jim Norton special that just came out today). 

I did recently see the new Amy Schumer special and it was good but not great (and I love some of the other Schumer specials). Not really a criticism, just wasn't my favorite Schumer special.

Ian Svenonius Interview

Not going to lie, I am a pretty big Chain & the Gang fan. So I was excited to see that the New Zealand version of Under the Radar (the US version was the last magazine that I actually had a real life subscription for - ending in 2010) had an interview with Ian Svenonius a guy who has one heck of an interesting life to date (won some teen contest, been in a ton of bands, did some politics stuff).

Anyway, check this album too :)

Ill-Advised - Pyre of Denial

So one of my long-term Twitter friends "Ill-Advised" has a new single and video out (see above) and I wanted to be the first to wish him great luck on his current project and direction. The song was produced by Michael James who has worked on some serious albums (L7 Smell the Glove, Too Much Joy etc.).

Great song! Good luck and Godspeed!

Closing Time

Been a productive week.

Today I put out my most recent Orange is the New Black companion piece for S1 E2 "Tit Punch"

A few days ago I put out my deep-dive into the Black Mirror episode San Junipero.

And obviously, I just put out the playlist mentioned above too. Who knows what the rest of the week will bring?

Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music! Have a great week!