Stef Chura, Preoccupations, & Drummers Interview - I Hate Radio Music News 2/9/2017

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Stef Chura, Preoccupations, and an interview with three great drummers from the 80's.

I haven't been as regular with this feature as I would have liked, but frankly..nobody really seemed to care too much (not one of my more popular features) and I don't like repeating stuff everyone else is covering.

In truth, I have been working on an education campaign and have been much busier than usual.

Anyway, I will try to do better. If you click on the music, it helps the artists (not me). So, for goodness sakes, click on the music.

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Stef Chura, More Goodness From The D

In case you forgot, I live in Ypsilanti, Michigan and tend to celebrate good local artists (or local artists who make good).

I made such a hubbub about Fred Thomas' new album at the end of last month that I forgot to mention another standout Detroit-area album that was recently released as well, Stef Chura's album "Messes (2017, Urinal Cake Records)." 

Let's just say it takes me back to the halcyon days of Throwing Muses, Juliana Hatfield, and Liz Phair (a time when women artists were given the opportunity and funding to make great albums). This album would have fit right in during that time aka the age of Alternative Rock Radio. It is smart lyrically, fun on the ears, and thoughtfully presented music.

In my long-winded way, I am saying it is a really fun album and very worth your time. It is not just me, lots of other folks are taking notice of Stef too. So, check her out already.

Preoccupations Go On World Tour


Right, so everyone knows that I love Preoccupations (I have written about them way too many times for people not to have noticed).

Sure, I am as baffled by the new name as everyone else,

Sure, I was as shocked as anyone that they didn't have a better reason for choosing the old name (Viet Cong). But, their music has and still is great.

Anyway, Preoccupations just announced their "World Tour." You should 100% check them out if you get the chance (I plan to).

An Interview With 3 Post-Punk Drumming Titans


I have been playing drums since I was a little kid (not well, but playing). So, as someone with a lifetime membership in the "union of rhythm monkeys" I tend to catch articles interviewing drummers. THIS ONE, in particular, caught my eye because it features Budgie (Siouxsie & the Banshees), Steve Grantley (Stiff Little Fingers), and Danny Farrant (The Alarm).

Obviously, I like everyone in the 80's, had a huge crush on Siouxsie Sioux, I have always loved Stiff Little Fingers, and one of my first big concerts in high school included The Alarm (headliners) and this opening band from Ireland you might have heard of called U2 on the bill.

Anyway, it is always a pleasure to create some linkage to an article interviewing drummers.

Closing Time

I was having some online conversation and someone brought up MCA (RIP)...Since then, I have been kind of nostalgic for Beasties. 

Hence a parting "Sure-Shot"

Hope everyone is having a great week!

By David Halberstam