Michigan Gerrymandering? Register Your Feelings

Michigan & Gerrymandering


Believe it or not, the Michigan Constitution mandates gerrymandering (the partisan drawing of voting districts).

In Michigan, the Constitution mandates that the party who controls the Michigan Legislature after a census (the next one is in 2020) gets to redraw the lines for political districts. No matter what party takes control, they have every incentive to redraw the lines only in ways that unfairly benefit them. You can read more about that HERE

Or, if you have the time, HERE is a link to some of the research demonstrating that Michigan is one of the 11 worst states for Gerrymandering in the USA.

Anyway, I am part of a Michigan organization called "Nation Outside" (aka the Voice of the Formerly Incarcerated) and we are engaged in a public education campaign designed to take the temperature of Michigan Voters on the topic of Gerrymandering.

If you think about it, when Gerrymandering succeeds it makes votes in some counties count more than votes in other counties. In all actuality, it allows the legislature to determine the partisan outcome of elections before they ever happen (we decide the faces and they decide the representation).

So, please, take just one minute and fill out the following form. 

Michigan Voters: Take One Minute, Fill Out The Form (Register Your Opinion)

So, I hope you will take One Minute to fill out the voter interest card.

This will literally only take One Minute to fill out. Click HERE to fill out the form!

Thanks in advance, time to start taking Democracy back.