This Week In On Pirate Satellite 8/6/2016 #OPS

This Week In On Pirate Satellite #OPS

So, what was on my site this week? And what "classic" post will I bring back?

This week in #OPS is a quick review of what happened on my site this week including quick links to the posts. In addition, every week I will include a link to a throwback post that I really enjoyed writing.

I attempt to cover lots of ground on my site, this week I wrote about Mr. Robot, Music, and Politics.

So let's get this review cooking.

#MrRobot Posts

Lots of craziness in Mr. Robot this week, so as a result, I had to write lots of posts.

1. Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord? eps 2.3_logic_b0mb.hc

Who is Mr. Robot's Landlord? Is the name for my weekly recap of Mr. Robot.

Logic Bomb was one of the best episodes ever of Mr. Robot IMHO. Read my recap of the episode by clicking

2. #MrRobot: Same Esmail, Coups, and Responsive Easter Eggs

I was pretty shocked to get a Twitter response from the creator, writer, and director  of Mr. Robot Sam Esmail, but here are my thoughts about receiving a tweet from the Master as well as about a few other popular recent theories about the show.

You can read my thoughts by clicking HERE

3. The Berenstain Bears, Nelson Mandela, Silencio and #MrRobot

I give my opinion on the Mandela/Berenstain Bears theories rolling around the internet and present the first version of my Mulholland Drive theory.

You can read this post by clicking HERE

Music Posts

1. Have You Heard This (Yet)?: Dinosaur Jr. + Yaz

Covering the release of the new Dinosaur Jr. album and rediscovering the Yaz album "You and me Both." There might also be some treats from Ex-Cult, Protomartyr, and Mass Gothic.

You can read this by clicking HERE

2. Pirate Transmission #18: The "Solar Scrape Birthday" #Spotify Playlist

Every week I put out a new #Spotify playlist. You can listen by clicking above or click HERE and get more context and information about the bands and albums included.

3. Josh's Digital Bin #19

I try to create Digital Bins where you can dig for new music. The idea is that I put a semi-random group of artists that I like in a bin and let you find what you like and discard what you don't. Kind of like it used to be in record stores with discount bins.

This bin included Hologram Teen, Introflirt, Whatever Forever, Future Blondes, and Titus Andronicus.

You can explore the bin by clicking HERE.

I am also trying, for the third year in a row, to get Kraftwerk nominated and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If you agree they should be in the Hall, a couple times a day, use the hashtag #kraftwerk4RockHall + include @rock_hall when you Tweet.


Politics Posts

Only one, it was called Dem Exit: Why I am Starting To Think This Is a #FallseFlag Operation and it was about Progressives who are pushing for a Democratic Exit in November. 

You can read it by clicking HERE

Bringing Awesome Back - Classic OPS Posts

I mean that in a tongue and cheek way, nobody thinks anything that I write (aside from my writing about the HBO show Vinyl) is particularly awesome.

But, there are some underappreciated gems that I like to highlight.

This week I am highlighting my post about Echo and the Bunnymen's classic album "Ocean Rain."

You can read that post by clicking HERE

That is all I have for this week, hope you had a wonderful week!

What did you think of my articles for the week of 8/6/2016? Let me know, leave a comment!