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This Week In On Pirate Satellite 8/6/2016 #OPS

This is the recap of everything I posted on the site the week ending on 8/6/2016.

This week it includes several Mr. Robot posts, several music posts, and a politics post. The throwback post is about the Echo and the Bunnymen album "Ocean Rain."


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The Berenstain Bears, Nelson Mandela, Silencio, and #MrRobot

Yup all of these things - Berenstain Bears, Nelson Mandela, Mulholland Drive, and Mr. Robot could be related after Episode 2.2

Don't worry, I will explain.


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"Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord?" Eps 2.2_init_1.asec

Another episode of Who is Mr. Robot's Landlord? 

My recap of season Eps 2.2_init_1.asec

Elliot finally learns to embrace bifurcation, Joanna is confusing, and Angela gets shut down.


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