Pirate Transmission #Spotify Playlist #16: The Blue Phone Book Fuel Rescue

Pirate Transmission Playlists?

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So, every week I engage in my real passion which is sharing music. My goal every week is to work as much interesting music into about a 40-minute package as I can. Last week's playlist was called "Taste Happiness, Edit Internet Rain."

One special note, this is the ONLY time I have ever put two songs by one band on a Pirate Transmission Playlist. I have chosen to highlight a great band Hallelujah the Hills. They are an amazing underappreciated band whose last two albums are well worth your time. Please pay them a visit and stream or buy their albums!

They are called "Pirate Transmissions" because the song "This is Radio Clash" by The Clash is what inspired this blog's name.

You can just hit play or hit play and scroll down and click on the bolded band names for  more information about the music while you listen.

The crazy names of the playlists were inspired by Captain Beefheart.

The Blue Phone Book Fuel Rescue #Spotify Playlist

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The Songs

1. I'm in the Phone Book, I'm on the Planet, I'm Dying Slowly, Hallelujah The Hills, A Band Is Something to Figure Out (2016)

2.  The Blue, The Clean, Anthology (2003)

3. A More Perfect Union, Titus Andronicus, The Monitor (2010)

4. Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams, Camp Cope, Camp Cope (2016)

5. Rescue, Echo and the Bunnymen, Crocodiles (1980)

6. Mr. So and So, The Julie Ruin, Hit Reset (2016)

7. Polinate, Fuzz, II (2015)

8. I Don't Wanna Go To School, The Donnas, Greatest Hits, Vol. 16 (2009)

9. Pick Up An Old Phone, Hallelujah The Hills, Have You Ever Done Something Evil (2014)

10. Highway 61 Revisited, Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited

11. Fell On Black Days, Soundgarden, Superunknown (1994)

Well, that's the end of another playlist, hope you were listening to some of the lyrics on this one, wow (powerful stuff)!

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