Have Your Heard This (Yet)?: Big Business + Hallelujah The Hills

Have Your Heard This (Yet)?

What albums should you be listening to this week?

If you like albums but don't have time to listen to all the new releases every week, and find that you enjoy my musical taste. Let me curate for you.

Every week, I try to share one link to an album that is new to the world and one album that I found or rediscovered that will probably be new to you.


New To The World: Big Business - Command Your Weather

I feel like Big Business would be the offspring of an unholy union between Helmet and Dan Deacon. Yes, I guess what I am saying is that they are like Math-Rock meets Electronic Silly Putty.

I get that this might mean the album doesn't appeal to everyone. But for a heavy album, it sure packs a lot of playfulness alongside the angst. I appreciate that. I also like how they always choose to land the traditional progressions in slightly off chords and notes. 

Listening to this album is like walking into a house where everything looks right but the longer you stay the less sure you are that you haven't accidentally walked into an episode of the Twilight Zone (but one of the fun episodes).

New To Me: Hallelujah The Hills - Have You Ever Done Something Evil

Okay, I am fibbing a bit here. I listen to Hallelujah The Hills a lot. I just feel, as Spin magazine also concluded that HTH are a "criminally underappreciated" band. And that "Have Your Ever Done Something Evil" (2014) is a really great album.

I was just listening to this album in the car, driving for 30 minutes, in the near 100 degree heat without air conditioning, and was still rocking out, making a fool of myself, and singing along the whole trip. 

Look, this band deserves MUCH more attention than they get. You can buy their stuff at Bandcamp. Or stream it here. 

And remember, the bands that I cover here are not making much money. It is mostly a labor of love for them (like this site is a labor of love for me). When you see links to this content, please share it and help me bring more attention to underappreciated independent and underground music.

Okay, that is another edition of Have You Heard This (Yet)? Hope that you enjoyed it!

Oh, and here is a special extra bonus, the new track from the Memphis band NOTS that was just released today (Greatness!)!

Let me know what you think of Big Business and Hallelujah The Hills, leave a comment!