The "Tall Dream Janitor" Spotify Playlist (I Hate Radio)

The "Tall Dream Janitor" Spotify Playlist


Feel free to "Just Hit Play" or stick around and learn more about each band, their songs, and label.

I Hate Radio" is the name of the podcast I am planning to start and is also a play on "I Heart Radio" (in opposition to music consolidation).

Last week's playlist was the "78 Ketamine Girls” playlist, you can listen to it HERE.

The Songs (Click on Band Names + Labels for More Information)


1. Total Entertainment Forever, Father John Misty, Pure Comedy (Sub Pop, 2017)

Big fan of Joshua Michael Tillman, love his smart and insightful lyrics, love when he celebrates during sad moments in happy sounding songs. His last album was in my top 10 albums of 2015. Loved him back when he was a drummer for bands like Fleet Foxes too.

2. Waiting on a Dream, Lee Ranaldo, Between the Times and the Tides (Matador, 2012)

Lee Ranaldo was in Sonic Youth. You might be aware of the fact that I am a pretty big fan of SY. Anyway, great song from his 2012 solo album (you can really hear where his influence fit in SY).

3.  Sisters, NE-HI, Offers (Grand Jury, 2017)

Don't know too much about NE-HI except that they are from Chicago, I came across this song and added it to my mix for the week recently and it has now found its way onto a list. 

4. Ether, Gang of Four, Entertainment (EMI - now, Warner Brothers, 1979)

My favorite GO4 song on my favorite GO4 album. Still sounds raw and urgent all these decades later.

5. Janitor, Suburban Lawns, Suburban Lawns (I.R.S. Records, 1981)

A great band from my young adulthood on one of my all-time favorite record labels (run by Police drummer Stewart Copeland's brother Miles). I mean how bad can a band with a singer named Su Tissue be? You should check out the rest of the album when you get the chance.

6. Drag Open, Women, Public Strain (Jagjaguwar, 2010)

This band included the core of what would later become Viet Cong and later Preoccupations. You can hear the Joy Division influence pretty heavily in this track.

7.  Always Sad, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Damage and Joy (Warner Music Group, 2017)

TJ&MC are Another of the great bands from my young adulthood. The Reid brothers have a new album coming out later this month (first new album in a very long time). This track, IMHO, is pretty great so, I am pretty excited to hear the album. 

8. Hair Slick Back, Sneaks, It's a Myth (Merge, 2017)

Just a few weeks until the new Sneaks (Eva Moolchan) album. As you may remember, a Sneaks album (Gymnastics) was on my best of 2016 list (even though the album kind of predated that date) and she has one of my favorite approaches to post-punk music. I think she might be touring with Downtown Boys later this year (MUST SEE).

9. No Sign, Bas Jan, EP (Self-Release, 2017)

Okay, this is a Serafina Steer project, but I don't know that much about it. I always like the inclusion of orchestral elements into post-punk music (see Echo and the Bunnymen). I assume the name is a reference to the artist Bas Jan who disappeared?

10. Tall Glass of Water, Tim Darcy, Saturday Night (Jagjaguwar, 2017)

Tim Darcy was is the frontman for the band Ought who had another of my favorite albums of 2015, this is from his first solo album. Good stuff IMHO.

11. Sensitive Girl, Froth, Outside (briefly) (Wichita Recordings, 2017)

Holy cow, what the heck happened to Wichita Recordings. Two years ago I felt like I was writing about a Wichita artist every week. This is the first time I have mentioned them in forever. Anyway, cool band, cool sound, cool album.

12. Close to Me, The Cure, The Head on the Door (Elektra, 1985) 

This was the cassette tape in my walkman (or whatever the heck it was) when I walked around the campus of the University of North Texas during my first week on campus in 1985. Geeze that was a long time ago. And yes, I did see them at Bronco Bowl (RIP) in Dallas (I also saw New Order there).

13. 62 Moons, Cold Beat, Chaos by Invitation (Crime on the Moon, 2017)

This is Hannah Lew's excellent band (they are from San Francisco) and I had Cold Beat's last album as one of my favorite albums of 2015. If you haven't heard "Into The Air" it is a really underrated gem and I expect this new album will be every bit as cool.

Wrapping It Up


Yes, this is often a happy sounding playlist full of songs about all kinds of misery. That is by design. I feel like I need to stop worrying and learn to "love" the orange bomb. I mentioned my best of 2016 and best of 2015 lists a bunch so click to learn more.

I call my site "On Pirate Satellite" because of the song "This is Radio Clash" by The Clash

The crazy names of the playlists were inspired by Captain Beefheart.

Until next week, Explore Enjoy and Share Music!