The "Magic Time Eraser" Spotify Playlist (#IHateRadio Transmission #32)

The #IHateRadio "Magic Time Eraser" Spotify Playlist


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Every week I put out a new curated playlist for your listening enjoyment.

And yes, I am rebranding my playlists in opposition to the vileness of I Heart Radio. 

Fight Music Consolidation, Explore, Enjoy, and Share New Music!

Last week's playlist was called the "Clandestine Jagermeister Missile" Spotify playlist.

The Songs (With Easter Eggs)


1. Kicker, Alex G, Beach Music (2015)

2. Something I Can Never Have, Vitamin String Quartet, String Quartet Tribute To Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine (2005)

3. Every Time, Fury, Single (2016)

4. Grey Erasure, True Widow, Avvolgere (2016)

5. Ready for the Magic, Honeyblood, Babes Never Die (2016)

6. Tip to Tail, Tyvek, Origin of What (2016)

7. Near to the Wild Heart of Life, Japandroids, Single (2016)

8. My Belly, Aesop Rock, Single (2016)

9. Talk To Me, Run The Jewels, RTJ 3 (2016)

10. Ya Ya, Naked Giants, R.I.P. EP (2016)

11. Trial and Error, Slothrust, Everyone Else (2016)

12. Motion Picture Soundtrack, Radiohead, Kid A (2000)

Summing It Up


I just put out a double playlist that got over 100 upvotes on Reddit called "80's Club Friends" in celebration of the one-year anniversary of this blog. Celebrate with me and give it a listen:

Check out Part One

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I call my playlists "Pirate Transmissions" because of the song "This is Radio Clash" by The Clash

The crazy names of the playlists were inspired by Captain Beefheart.

My blog motto is Explore, Enjoy, and Share New Music! So please share!

What was your favorite song on the playlist?

What was your favorite band on the playlist?

What show was the playlist influenced by?

Let me know, leave a comment! 

A Moon Shaped Pool
By Radiohead