Hipster Shirt of the Week (A Very Silly #OPS Feature) #2 Wilco

This Week's Hipster Shirt of the Week - Wilco


Some sites call this a rare shirt (but others sell it now), I don't even actually remember where I got it (or when). But, I have had it for a really long time. 

I like Wilco but I love the Ramones. I take this as a tribute and an homage to a great band from a younger band.

I own several copies of this design of the Ramones shirt too. Don't worry, I will move up in rarity as I go along.

The Hipster Shirt of the Week

I was looking through my stack of shirts that I don't wear anymore (because they don't fit - sigh).

Yes, I am calling myself a hipster d-bag. I have a bunch of old band shirts and figured some of them might be interesting to people.

I am not sure how many week's I can keep this up, but what I am hoping is that other people will join in and contribute their own pictures of old (cool) shirts.

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Okay, for this to work, hopefully, you will participate. Join in, post your own Hipster shirts. Or share some of the best ones that you have seen in comments!

Let me know what you think, leave a comment!