The "78 Ketamine Girls" Best New Music Spotify Playlist (I Hate Radio)

The "78 Ketamine Girls" Spotify Playlist


Every Tuesday (or Monday night) I put out a curated playlist full of the best new music (and classic tunes) mixed for your Spotify listening enjoyment. You can "Just Hit Play" or check out the song list below for Easter Eggs about the bands.  

Last week's playlist was called the "Apologies, Dumb Ladyman” playlist and you can listen to it HERE.

The Songs (Click on the Artists names to get more information about them)

1. Out of Sight, Jonwayne, Rap Album Two (The Order Label, 2017)

Was happy to see that this album was out and I really enjoyed it. You should for sure check it out, I strangely love his flow.

2. Oops!, Daedelus, Baker's Dozen: Daedelus (Fat Beats, 2017)

Always find an interesting track in Daedelus stuff.

3. Flag Days, The Feelies, In Between (Bar None Records, 2017)

This track really moves me, it seems incredibly intense for its seemingly slow pace. Been a fan of The Feelies for a really long time.

4. M.Y.T.H., Rank/Xerox, M.Y.T.H. EP (No Label, 2017)

So, this guy named Sam Lefebvre does a really great column on Bandcamp Daily covering all the best punk stuff on Bandcamp. The column is called Terminal Consumption and it is one of my new go-to resources for Bandcamp stuff.  I included several of his recent recommendations on this list because they were great recommendations. Rank/Xerox was one of his suggestions.

5. Pervert, Primetime, Going Places EP (La Vida Es un Mus, 2016)

La Vida Es un Mus rarely puts out anything I don't like (they are responsible for distribution of La Misma for example). I like Primetime, very cool stuff IMHO. 

6. Girls on T.V., Tashaki Miyaki, Single (Metropolis, 2017)

Crazy beautiful and haunting song, I am looking forward to hearing the full album.

7. Could Be You, Allah-Las, Calico Review (Mexican Summer, 2016)

Just getting into this band, I really love this song.

8. 78, Behavior, 375 Images of Angels (Iron Lung Records, 2016)

Another of the great recommendations from Sam L. 

9. Never Going to Die, CC Dust, CC Dust EP (K Records, 2016)

There is some confusion over if this Mary Jane Dunphy (Vexx) band still exists? But if they exist or have folded, I liked everything they have done. This is the second song of theirs that I have put on a playlist.

10. Keep Slipping Away, A Place To Bury Strangers, Exploding Head (Mute, 2009)

This is some 2009 nostalgia for me. I kind of forgot that I liked this record and then ran across it again randomly. 

11. Hold On To Your Genre, Les Savy Fav, Inches (Frenchkiss Records, 2004)

An old favorite, kind of miss them :)

12. Ketamine for Breakfast, Kate Tempest, Let Them Eat Chaos (Lex Records, 2016)

Pretty impressive stuff from London-based poet and hip-hop artists Kate Tempest.

13. Pull Back The Bolt, Minimal Man, Safari (Good Noise, 1985)

Okay, so Patrick Miller, the man in the mask, was played with and influenced a lot of bands. RIP.

Wrapping It Up


New playlists come out every Tuesday (but they usually come out on Monday nights).

I call my site "On Pirate Satellite" because of the song "This is Radio Clash" by The Clash

The crazy names of the playlists were inspired by Captain Beefheart.

I just saw "I am Not Your Negro" which is a film about James Baldwin and his relationships with America, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Medgar Evers. I heartily recommend it.