Peter Hook, Andy Rourke, Kim Gordon "I Hate Radio" Music News 3/2/2017

I "Hate Radio" Music News: Jealousy Edition


So, I have been slacking on these lately, But two things happened today that made me intensely jealous (involving Peter Hook and Kim Gordon, see below).

Oh, and every Tuesday I put out new Spotify Playlists, this week's playlist is called the "78 Ketamine Girls" #Spotify playlist - you can listen to it HERE.

Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order) and Andy Rourke (The Smiths) aka FREEBASS interview


Okay, the reason I am jealous here is because (if you pay attention to this blog at all) you know I idolize Peter Hook (I think his bass sound is the seminal sound of UK post-punk). I am also a pretty big Smiths fan (although I don't always admit it in polite company). Plus they were both in the only band made up of ONLY three bass players that I know of (Freebass)

Sure, I know that Hooky and Andy have been friends forever and they could give two shits about me, but I am still jealous that the Talkhouse got the exclusive and that I didn't get to ask any questions. Anyway, here is the interview:

Kim Gordon Jealousy


Again, anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I have been an outspoken Kim Gordon fan forever. Lately, she has been doing a ton of interviews (for her) and none of them with me. Now, this doesn't surprise me at all - why would she do an interview with me (I am not naive) - but, I am still jealous.

Anyway, you can check out her new Kim 2 Kim interview on Clash HERE

Wrapping Up

Anyway, did I mention that I am jealous? Mostly kidding, but if Peter Hook and Kim Gordon ever want to let me interview them, I am absolutely available. Let me now hawk great books by both of them!