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"I Hate Radio" Music News 10/20/2016: Why Pinegrove Rules!

Here is the music news that I cared most about for 12/20/2016

Today Pinegrove does something AWESOME, True Vision = 7-minute heroes, and why South Park is still super funny (I'm super cereal).

Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music!


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Reflections From a Black Mirror: S3 E3 “Shut Up And Dance” (Netflix)

Okay, this is my first Black Mirror post in a while and the delay was because this episode was so disturbing.

Anyway, this one kind of sums up my feelings about the recent seasons of Black Mirror, Westworld, and South Park.


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Reflections From a Black Mirror: S2 E2 "White Bear"

Okay, I am starting to write about the show Black Mirror.

I am starting out of order and only covering the episodes I particularly find interesting.

The first episode I am covering is "White Bear"


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