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5 Things That Would Make Me Ditch #Spotify For #AmazonMusicUnlimited

Basically, In this post, I beg Amazon to see the application of innovation instead of price as the way to displace Spotify as the go-to music streaming service.

If you are a band, solo artist, label, or avid music listener, please help share this post in order to get some attention from either Spotify or Amazon. Help me help you!

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$$$'s In The Stream (Part 3): My Interview With Benji Rogers (Pledge Music)

This is Part Three of my series on Music Economics in a Post-Streaming world. 

Part Three is my interview with Benji Rogers of PledgeMusic and the Dot Blockchain project. Lots of incredible information on possible futures here.


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$$$'s In The Stream Part 2: My Interview With Rain Perry (Director of "The Shopkeeper")

This is Part Two of my series on music economics, an interview with the Director of the new documentary feature film "The Shopkeeper" (about music economics) Rain Perry.

Ms. Perry is also an award-winning musician and record label owner. 

Please share with other musicians as widely as possible!

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$$$'s In The Stream (Part One): My Interview With C. Allen Bargfrede on Streaming Economics

$$$'s In The Stream is my new series of interviews about the economics of music sales in a post-streaming world.

This is the first entry in the series, and interview with C. Allen Bargfrede a lawyer, professor, and researcher at the very cutting edge of studying the economics of streaming.

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