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Today's "I Hate Radio" Music News 10/19/2016

This is the music news that moved me for 12/19/2016.

Today I am covering a Punk Button's exhibit, an argument for "free" music, and the sad passing of Greg Lake (RIP).

Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music! 

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5 Things That Would Make Me Ditch #Spotify For #AmazonMusicUnlimited

Basically, In this post, I beg Amazon to see the application of innovation instead of price as the way to displace Spotify as the go-to music streaming service.

If you are a band, solo artist, label, or avid music listener, please help share this post in order to get some attention from either Spotify or Amazon. Help me help you!

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Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord? eps 2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z

Mr. Robot eps 2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z

My recap of one of the most interesting and challenging episodes of #Mr. Robot ever filmed.

On this episode, Angela meets the commodore, old friends return, cab drivers are confused, and Elliot negotiates his handshake agreements


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