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Have You Heard This (Yet)? Vince Staples + The Raincoats

Yup, it's back, my semi-weekly "Album of the Week" feature. Yes, sometimes I forget. Last week there were like seven really good albums released and I just could not choose between them all (see this week's playlist).

Anyway, this week my fave is (no surprise) Vince Staples. 

Enjoy and #ShareNewMusic

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Pirate Transmission #20: the "Imaginary Soul Fairytale" #Spotify Playlist

This is the 20th Pirate Transmission #Spotify playlist and, I believe, the 50th playlist on my site.

Some great stuff on this one like The Bags, The Raincoats, Odd Future, Busdriver, Spoon, and one of Holland's best musical exports "Urban Dance Squad" (and many more). 


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Some Quick Thoughts on Pitchfork Media's Feminist Punk List

I won't lie, I have been kind of angry with Pitchfork Media lately.

But then today they came out with this amazing "The Story of Feminist Punk in 33 Songs" list today.

I have a few small quibbles, but this is a great list! Congrats to the Pitchfork staff!

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