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Halt and Catch Fire S3 E4: Rules of Honorable Play

This is my recap of Halt and Catch Fire S3 E4 Rules of Honorable Play

On this episode, Cameron, Donna, Bosworth, and Joe all face and answer questions about how they approach the rules of honorable play (shocking).


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This Band Name Has Gone to Heaven (Viet Cong)

This is round 2 of the controversy around the band formerly known as "Viet Cong" recently changing their name to "Preoccupation" as the result of criticism they received last Fall.

My question for the critics of the name change, why is this so different than Pearl Jam pulling out of their concerts in North Carolina? 

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Protest In The Age Of Corgan (Billy Corgan)

I like Billy Corgan, but he can be his own worst enemy. Recently he appeared on the Alex Jones conspiracy fest and said some things he maybe should not have.

I believe the press reaction was not very measured or thoughtful, but I also thought Corgan said some crazy stuff. Here is my take.

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