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"The Broken Man?" Or "The Broken Men?": #GoT: S6 Ep7

My recap of S6 Ep7 of #GameofThrones

Including the return of some old favorites and several candidates for "the Broken Man"


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#GoT S6 EP5 Part Two: Plays Within Plays, Prophecies, and Holding Doors

Here is Part Two of my Recap (yes, I said recap) of Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5: The Door

The one where I finish up everything I did not cover in Part One (Hodor) yesterday.

Enjoy (by the way, Bran might now have God powers) 

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#GOT Dream Team Lives! Thank You Bill Simmons + HBO!

As you probably know Game Of Thrones is coming back at the end of this month. The best team of people covering the #GOT television show IMHO was the team at Grantland (which ESPN surreptitiously fired).

Big News Grantland fans (and you should sign up for The Ringer ASAP)

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