Protomartyr, Kim Gordon, and the Paste Punk List - "I Hate Radio" Music News 1/13/2017

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I got tired of just posting links, and posting music news in this format feels more like a conversation and opportunity to share links to both the stories and the music (and maybe even foster discussions).

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Any Excuse to Bring Up Protomartyr


One of my favorite contemporary bands is Detroit's Protomartyr.

If you want to learn more about them, here is one of my favorite articles about Protomartyr by Jason P. Woodbury in the Tuscon Weekly last year.

Today (yesterday, the 11th) is/was the Feast of the Holy Protomartyr in some versions of Christianity (St. Stephen in the Catholic and Orthodox faiths). In other parts of the Christian faith the Feast is on December 28th (I think). The word Protomartyr just means the "first martyr" and, as I understand it either Saint Stephen or Saint Thecla.

What does this have to do with the band? Not a damn thing, I have a Google Alert set for Protomartyr and a story popped up about the celebration of the Feast. But, with it (I don't need much of an excuse).

I can only speculate, but my guess would be that the band Protomartyr's name comes from the place where we (human beings) all tend to feel that we are the first one to experience any kind of pain or trauma. I don't know this, it is just my educated guess (I suspect only Joe Casey knows the answer to this question).

Anyway, if you did not hear Protomartyr's excellent 2015 album "The Agent Intellect" (Hardly Art) here it is:

Kim Gordon does an interview


I have been a Sonic Youth fan for a long time.

Kim Gordon, bass player and often vocalist for said band "Sonic Youth," doesn't often do interviews (she also doesn't really talk about SY since her breakup with guitarist Thurston Moore). Anyway, she is an icon, I have a great deal of affection towards her and her projects, so I will help share the interview:

Also here is a link to her most recent album with Body/Head.

And a link to my favorite Sonic Youth album (although, I love many Sonic Youth albums)

Paste Magazine's Best Punk of the 2000's list


So, Paste Magazine put out their "25 Best Punk Albums of the 2000's" list today.  I don't hate it, there are a bunch of bands and albums I truly love on the list (The Thermals, Death From Above, Fucked Up, At The Drive-In, and Titus Andronicus). I will have to think a bit more about this one and get back to you, but I would love to hear your thoughts on omissions and criticism of the albums that were included.

I personally find lists to be better when you think of them less as definitive and more as part of an ongoing discussion. Regardless, this is an excuse to link The Monitor by Titus Andronicus (which is always a good thing).

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