Michigan Basketball: Reporters, Don't Let the Truth Get in the Way of a Good Story

Cinderella Michigan?

It has been odd to hear Michigan's basketball team turned from a team trying to improve its seeding in the tournament into a "Cinderella" who took surviving a plane crash and the "8th Seed" in the Big 10 tournament all the way to the Big 10 Tournament Championship.


* Michigan was only the 8th seed because they lost a four-way tie through tiebreakers to fall to the 8th seed. Michigan was also the highest KenPom rated 8th seed ever in a Big 10 conference tournament.  

* Michigan was hot well before the Big 10 tournament with recent wins over Wisconsin and Purdue prior to heading to DC.

Don't get me wrong, it was an amazing story. But the story should have been about how the Wolverines overcame the near catastrophe and the Big 10's indifference to their plight in the first round of the tournament. 

Either way, what an incredible turnaround by Coach Beilein, his staff, and most importantly his players. Good luck tomorrow against Okie State (12:10 pm CBS) and #GoBlue!

One Other Thing

To all sportscasters:

Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman is his name.

NOT "Abdul" as in Jabbar.

Even after three years, 99.9% of sportscasters still refer to him as Abdul-Rahkman...drives me nuts.

Muhammad-Ali Abdur Rahkman deserves to be called by his actual name.

In all seriousness, please call him by his actual name.

Okay, Go Blue!