Josh's Digital Bin #11

Time for another installment of America's favorite new feature "Josh's Digital Bin"

Yup,  this is the place where I take "found" music and present it to you untouched so that you can sift through it like as if you were thumbing through the bins in record stores back in the day.

I believe the best way to fight record industry consolidation (the process of using media to make it seem like the industry artists are the ONLY artists making music today) is to create spaces where people can encounter and explore new artists from off the beaten path.

Here we go!

(On The Spectrum) Music by Artists With Autism

I will probably never be happier to promote a compilation in my life. It is hard to explain how cool I think it is that Ilya and Lightning Pill and everyone else put this together.

I congratulate everyone involved for the accomplishment that this album represents!

Good music, by great people (several I know), dismantling stereotypes one note at a time!

18th and Addison

This band has a 90's pop to pop-punk vibe to me, but not in a cheesy way. I don't at all hate pop-punk like many punk purists. Sometimes I am in the mood for hooks and optimism and bouncy melodies in short bursts. 

I have talked to someone from this band several times on Twitter, very nice. Not only do I appreciate the crafty songwriting, the drummer is really good as well :)!

18th and Addison, Little Parasites EP

18th and Addison, Little Parasites EP

Solemn Shapes

Very nice folks whose music reminds me a TON of 80's underground movie soundtracks (a very good thing IMHO). When I raised this with them, we had a really nice discussion of Liquid Sky. Here are a few compilations that they have appeared on.


eeva, Pre-Bypass

eeva, Pre-Bypass

Had a really fun discussion with my friend Ilya (@IHeartNoise) and his friend @krautcat who is a Russian college student living in Moscow. This is one of the bands from Russia that he turned me on to. They are a really good mix of metal, punk, and noise. 

Yes, you will not understand the lyrics (unless you speak Russian) but this is good stuff! Spasiba @krautcat!

Frankie Cosmos - Next Thing

"I wish nobody understood me, so you could be the one who did embody all grace and lightness."

I pretty much love Frankie Cosmos (Gretta Kline), her music just sounds like a beautiful Spring day feels. I don't fall asleep on picnic blankets in parks, but if I did....if I did...this is what I would fall happily asleep to.

Frankie Cosmos, Next Thing

Frankie Cosmos, Next Thing

So ends another Digital Bin, hope you had as much fun exploring the bin as I had in constructing it!

Oh, I would also endorse checking out Strawberry Tongue Radio by clicking HERE - Dawn Marie has great taste IMHO!

What did you think of this weeks Digital Bin? What artist did you enjoy the most? Let me know, leave a comment!