I Hate "The Life of Pablo" - Am I "Rockist" or Right?

It is not personal, I have been a surprisingly big Kanye fan, even over the last several albums. My support might be surprising because he can be a bit of a jerk. I will freely admit, despite his frequent communication issues, I think he has a great ear and, in general, a great feel for what works.

This week, it is your job to tell me if I am "Rockist" or right about Kanye's new album (add a comment saying "Rockist" or "Right" or vote in my Twitter poll, I will tally the votes and get back to you next week).

If you are wondering what "Rockism" is - it is when you are too cool for "fun" music. You know, when you are too busy judging music as a hipster/critic to enjoy it.

My Case Against "The Life Of Pablo"

First, it is not a very coherent or strong album. I like moments, but unlike say My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, I never felt transported or like this was something entirely unique. In fact, I don't even think it is often very good.

Yesterday there was a hashtag game called #DoYouMindIfICallYou, my first response was #DoYouMindIfICallYou Kanye, or would prefer "person who is so rich and so famous that they have lost all touch with reality.

The album has musical dyslexia (it is all over the place). 

I kind of feel like he has reached that odd place where his "reality television" life has transmuted into a bubble (an unreality bubble) where whatever he could connect with before, whatever used to make his music connect with us in ways his lyrics and public statements usually did not, is dissolving quickly.  

Second, he is really nasty on this album. I don't know what bad place he is coming from right now (he does get a ton of shit but he is also a multi-millionaire married to a near billionaire that can buy a TON of therapy).  I realize money doesn't fix everything, but if it is that bad, I am taking donations, so if Kanye wants to donate to the On Pirate Satellite fund he should feel free.

Other people much more qualified to speak to what KW said about Taylor Swift on "Famous" (HERE for instance is Rolling Stone's take). It is one of the better songs on the album, but what the hell are you doing that for? I am not a fan of TS per se, but I mean there are much better targets and it is also clearly not true (her "base" hardly cares if Kanye likes her or drew attention to her all those years ago at the VMA's). Also, as I have said before, I respect the fact that TS often actually tries to sing live and writes music.

There is ALOT of misogyny on The Life of Pablo, it's a problem. He talks about how he and Rayjay could be friends if they weren't "fucking the same bitch."

I mean, come on dude. You don't have to use your lofty and unique Mic to double down on the worst tendencies in hip-hop. Even if this is coded language, does KW really have to play "marking territory" games using his partner and wife as currency?

But it doesn't end there. I guess he is mad at my people too, he says on "Feedback" (the closest we will probably get to a Mea Culpa from Kanye) that he doesn't know why even bothers because of "all this gossip" from "no pussy gettin' bloggers." 

Does this mean that I will get laid more if I quit blogging? Or is he saying that it all bloggers write because they are inherently incapable of getting laid? Is this a riff on those that can't teach? In an odd way, I think this song is his way of claiming that when we (bloggers) don't agree with him or like his music that we are being "rockists."

I guess I am saying there are better ways to say that bloggers aren't always right. Especially since many of us have been pretty complementary in the past.

He says this right after admitting that he has been "out of his mind for a long time" and a bit after asking for us to come up with "one genius who isn't crazy."

I guess my best response is that I don't want to have more sex and/or make "Kanye money" if making "Kanye money" makes me angry enough to say so many cruel and sexist things.

I guess "I hate the new Kanye" but not because "I miss the sweet Kanye." I love the Kanye who called out GWBush after I watched the President seemingly care more about stopping looters than finding a way to help the people of color stranded in the Superdome.

I love the Kanye who admitted he is singing one for the Assholes. I don't mind him being an Asshole, just doesn't have to be a sexist and thin-skinned asshole who takes ever opportunity to say stuff to whoever he can say shit about.

On the whole, I would say I am a pretty big Kanye fan, just not my favorite KW album. Not awful, there are songs I like. Just not my favorite.

"Rockist" or Right?

Okay, now it is time to vote. 

For those who are wondering what a Rockist is HERE is the original article that defined the term.

You can vote by adding a comment or visiting my Twitter profile (the poll is pinned to my profile.

I also want to give a shout out to this Japanese artist who tried to create The Life of Pablo using only the list of samples Kanye used, very cool stuff! 

For those keeping track, last week I was RIGHT a large percentage of voters hated Maroon 5 just like I do.

Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

So, am I "Rockist" or right, what do you think about "The Life of Pablo?" I would love to hear your opinion, leave a comment!