Josh's Digital Bin #13

This is the dance craze sweeping the nation, Josh's Digital Bin. The place where your host takes you on a wacky tour through his slightly random curation of albums by bands you should check out. Not because you know these bands but because you don't know them and we all know that "found music" is much more fun.

The basic idea is that these bins are like the discount bins in record stores, random gem piles full of goodness to discover and enjoy. Take what you like and leave what you don't. One person's trash is another person's treasure.

But this is really a project about encouraging musical exploration. So explore, enjoy, and share!


Waveless is one of those bands I think that someone recommended in a Twitter conversation but I lost track of the discussion and how they came up. Despite that, somehow my brain retained the name and I checked them out. Surprise, someone gave me a great recommendation! Very good stuff!

Bad Omen

Every so often it is just good for your soul to listen to some hard-core angry punk music. So, here is some hard-core angry punk music. You are welcome in advance (for the catharsis).

King Sonic

Me memory of King Sonic was that he was a hip-hop artist but this seems much more experimental. More like an experimental mixed tape. Pretty interesting.


I have literally NO IDEA why this band was on one of my lists (or why the band name has changed everywhere but on the album cover). I am glad they were, this is a really amazing album. Seriously good.

The Coathangers

Been waiting on this album for a long time. And now it is here. I like The Coathangers whole aesthetic. They are one cool, groovy, retro fuzzy guitar-band soup full of goodness. Plus they often say some interesting stuff too. Lots of fun!  

Well, that brings yet another Digital Bin to a close. Wanted to shout out Ilya again @Iheartnoise for reorganizing the first 10 Digital Bins and cross-posting them on his site. Very cool of him!

How did you like Digital Bin #13? What was your favorite band and your least favorite band? Would  love to hear what you thought, so leave a comment (as long as comments are civil, I always respond).