Cthulhu Warning! Again? Alison Mosshart, "Say it ain't so"

Look, I am a blogger, we are all supposed to have our wild and unsupported conspiracy theories that nobody else can see.

Indulge me.

A few weeks ago, Micheal Stipe shows up with a Cthulhu tribute beard (or maybe a beard inhabited by Cthulhu, or maybe he has been inhabited by Cthulhu and the beard is a manifestation, I can only report on what I see dear readers).

Early Stipe Cthulhu beard (it has grown) here with "The Edge" or U2

Early Stipe Cthulhu beard (it has grown) here with "The Edge" or U2

Now, as part of my daily routine of checking sites and listening to new music, I see the new video by The Kills. Here it is, feel free to enjoy it (pretty great band and cool, fun video).

Just in case you did not catch the important, and perhaps dangerous moment, here it is again (around :36 seconds in):

Obviously, there is a growing possibility that what has been hidden is becoming manifest. 

In fairness, Cthulhu is suspected to exist in the collective unconscious, putting Cthulhu on her head could simply be a manifestation of his presence?

This could arguably explain the Stipe beard too, but I will continue to keep my eyes peeled.

I mean I could be kidding, allegedly? But is Cthulhu?

How worried are about these pop culture manifestations of Cthulhu's return from the unconscious to our conscious reality? Let me know your theories, or report on other sightings, leave a comment!