"I Hate Radio" Music News 10/30/2016

Curated Music News

I read through like 20 - 25 Google alerts and several music sites a day to see what is going on, figured it makes sense to share it here instead of just posting the links on Twitter every day. 

If you like it, let me know, and share it (help a blogger out).

Oh, I am also going to start a podcast soon, more on that as I get it all setup. As you can guess, it will be called "I Hate Radio" which is my response to "I Heart Radio."

Oh, and every Tuesday I put out new Spotify Playlists, this week's playlist is called the "Red Kismet Kill" playlist and it includes songs from Joy Division, Nine Inch Nails, Pip Blom, Alternative TV, and many others. You can listen to it by clicking HERE.

RIP Alphonse Mouzon


Just in case you haven't gotten the point yet, 2016 has been a disaster for the world of music. Anyway, today we lost one of the greatest drummers in the world in the great Alphonse Mouzon. 

I used to practice to Weather Report's "Heavy Weather" album every day when I was in High School (it did not feature Mouzon) but this caused me to listen to the rest of the catalog which led me to the 1971 Self-titled album with Alphonse Mouzon behind the kit.

He was a truly great drummer!

RIP and condolences to his family and friends! A huge loss to the "Union of Rhythm Monkeys" (we drummers).

Jello Biafra Checks In On Election 2016


So, if I am ever asked who my top five Punk bands of all-time are, let's just say that Dead Kennedy's will be fully represented in that list (and if you read the blog, you should know two other guaranteed inclusions).

If anyone in the world can appreciate all the different angles of Election 2016 in the United States it has to be Dead Kennedy's singer Jello Biafra who once penned the lyrics to a song called "Kill The Poor" (which I believe is now Speaker Ryan's theme song).

Anyway, the wonderfully insane Jello Biafra has checked in, in this Orlando Weekly article, on the election results. Viva DK's.

What has Josh Been Listening To Today?


Just wanted to give a shout-out to Childish Gambino, whose new album, Awaken My Love is pretty amazing! I tip my cap to Childish G! Che

Okay, that does it for another day!

Wrapping Up

In theory, I am supposed to do one of my special playlists this weekend, for release next week (alongside my usual Tuesday playlist). I am thinking it will be a collection of my favorite Sleater-Kinney songs.

Thanks for reading!

What are the other two Punk bands certain to be in my top 5?

What is your favorite Dead Kennedy's song? Album?

Let me know what you think, leave a comment!