Election 2016: My Musical Celebration

by Joshua B. Hoe #VIVAElection2016

Because - awesome, right?

Yes, I am trying to start an "Ironic" hashtag on Twitter, but also to spark a discussion.

Anyway, trying to spark discussion with music (as always).

Just some videos that remind me of things I have been thinking about the 2016 elections (especially this week).

Just for fun, feel free to comment here or on Twitter about what you think about why I included each video or about what you think they might imply (not that I think I am being tricky at all).

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime

IMHO also one of the best videos of all time.

DEVO Freedom Of Choice + Through Being Cool

Yes, Whip It was often referred to as a repudiation of Reagan-era moralists, but these videos are more appropriate to this election cycle for me.

Both of these videos have something to say about the relationship between conformism and revolution

Rage Against The Machine - Testify

Hard to decide which is more subversive, the ads on the youtube screen of a Rage Video or Rage screaming through the ads?

Have to admit, they kind of have a point (sigh).

Dead Kennedy's - Kill The Poor

Hard to listen to the calls for increased defense budgets and decreased entitlements without remembering this more direct suggestion by one of the greatest bands ever!

Let's finish strong!

That is all I have for now. But it would be great if people would add more ideas and links as comments or on Twitter.

Also feel free to ironically include #VivaElection2016

Gracias to everyone who makes this possible!