Blog 2 Blog: 5 Things About "The Joy Of Violent Movement"

The Joy Of Violent Movement

I have been a fan of William Ruben Holmes since I first ran into him on Twitter. His site is TJOVM and it focuses on good music wherever it is found regardless of genre or place. Oh, in other news, William is a real life music critic, journalist, and photographer. So, it is pretty amazing that he has the time for his passion project as well. 

I am a fan despite the fact that William is a Yankees fan (sigh). I grew up in NYC in a Brooklyn Dodgers-loving family (so Mets fans). Most of my life I have been a Texas Rangers fan (and we really dislike the Yankees BTW).

You can visit "The Joy Of Violent Movement" by clicking HERE.

And here are five things I love about his site (despite his being a Yankee fan).

5 Things I Love About "The Joy Of Violent Movement"

1. Detailed But Still Compact

One way you can tell that William is a good writer is that he gets an incredible amount of information conveyed in about as compact a space as you can imagine. It is tough to both master brevity and detail, but somehow he pulls it off (color me jealous given my tendency to ramble).

2. Visual Style

William is also a photographer, so he does a really good job of picking and adding images to his pieces. I am, at best, mediocre at the visual design elements of my blog (because I have the art chops of a two-year-old with a box of Crayola crayons).

I am able, however, to appreciate someone with more talent for design and composition. And William is very good at that.

3. He Is A Digger

I think this will almost always show up in the blogs that I choose to highlight. I value music exploration very highly and am drawn to people who really dig to find the music that most of the world overlooks. William takes it a step further and tries to catch international music as well. I do try to feature international punk acts, but he has a much wider lens. 

4. Diverse Tastes

I very much love that William could care less about genre or label. His philosophy seems to be about highlighting the music that moves him no matter what it is called or where it comes from. Given my belief that almost all music comes from many of the same places, I truly love this about his site.

5. Live Concert Photography and Coverage

Look, I believe very deeply in the uniqueness of live performances. One thing that makes me furious is when labels turn artists into "performing algorithmic robots" on stage. I want my live music to play on themes of my recorded music. I want live music to be LIVE. 

William tries to capture and convey unique moments from the live shows he sees. I like that very much! 

Well, that is the end of this week's Blog 2 Blog, I hope that you will take the time to check out The Joy Of Violent Movement!

Did you like The Joy Of Violent Movement? What do you like about William's site?  Let me know what you think, leave a comment!