April Band Roll: What Bands Were on #OPS Playlists In April

The Band Roll (April Edition)

The heart of this blog is about sharing music. Hopefully, it brings music to new ears. I am starting a monthly Band Roll, so people have an index to check out the bands that I cover every month. 

I am virtually certain that in nearly 30 Spotify playlists, I have never repeated a song and only repeated artists (on purpose) a few times. I do repeat the Spotify songs on the YouTube lists in case people prefer one platform over the other.

I will try to make the Playlists, Labels, and Websites clickable, so you can jump right to the appropriate artist information or playlist. 

One of my taglines is Enjoy, Explore, and Celebrate New Music. Hopefully, this index helps you do this!

#Spotify + #YouTube Playlists April

Virtually every band name, all the playlists, and most every Record Label are hyperlinked (if you want to know more just click on it).

Patto, Bad Teeth Island Playlist, Vertigo

Personal & The Pizza's, Ha Magic Tomboy Playlist, 1-2-3-4 GO! Records

Preoccupations, Bad Teeth Island Playlist, JagJaguwar/Flemish Eye Records

Prince, Explore This Playlist, NPG Records

Public Enemy, Blues Rock Rap Playlist, Def Jam Records

Radiohead, Straight Tripping Witch Playlist, XL Recordings

Reverend Horton Heat, Explore This Playlist, Sub Pop

Run DMC, Blues Rock Rap Playlist, Def Jam Records

RVIVR, Rock Ain't Dead, Rumbletowne Records 

Sheer Mag, Rock Ain't Dead Playlist, Katorga Works

Sports, Bad Teeth Island Playlist, Father/Daughter Records

Smashing Pumpkins, Blog Mischief Playlist, Virgin Records

Stars, Haunted Faith Attack Playlist, Soft Revolution/ATO

Stepsisters, Straight Tripping Witch Playlist, Palaver Records

Sudakistan, Straight Tripping Witch Playlist, PNKSLM Recordings

Summer Cannibals, Straight Tripping Witch Playlist, Explore This Playlist, Kill Rock Stars

Tacocat, Explore This Playlist, Hardly Art

Tenement, Houdini Trash Rash, Grave Mistake Records

The Autumn Stones, Haunted Faith Attack Playlist, Immediate Records

The Bad Plus, Houdini Trash Rash Playlist, Blues Rock Rap Playlist, EmArcy Records

The Clash, Blog Mischief Playlist, Blues Rock Rap Playlist, Epic Records

The Coathangers, Ha Magic Tomboy Playlist, Suicide Squeeze Records

The Courtneys, Haunted Faith Attack Playlist, Burger Records

The Darkness, Blog Mischief Playlist, Atlantic Records

The Meanies, Straight Tripping Witch Playlist, Poison City Records

The Rolling Stones, Blues Rock Rap Playlist, Decca Records

Queen, Bad Teeth Island Playlist, EMI

The Rentals, Straight Tripping Witch Playlist, Maverick Records

The Saints, Haunted Faith Attack Playlist, Fatal Records

Total Control, Houdini Trash Rash Playlist, Iron Lung Records

True Widow, Bad Teeth Island Playlist, Relapse Records

Wilco, Explore This Playlist, Nonesuch

Wire, Straight Tripping Witch Playlist, Pinkflag Records

Youth Code, Rock Ain't Dead Playlist, Dais Records

That was all of the artists on my April playlists, hopefully, you enjoyed all of the playlists (and please feel free to follow my Spotify at ypsifactj or my YouTube On Pirate Satellite channel.

Did you enjoy my April Playlists? Like any of the bands in particular? I would love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment!

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