Yup, another follow up to NWA + Black Lives Matter

by Joshua B. Hoe This started because of my digression from the release of the NWA movie to Black Lives Matter and later to Hillary meeting with Black Lives Matter etc.

As I predicted weeks ago, Fox has jumped on Black Lives Matter and even the venerable NYT has done a bit of recent “Ferguson Effect” journalism...I thought I would post some support for the arguments I was making.

Isn’t funny how anytime anyone tries to point out bad things happening to black people…(mostly) white people lose their minds….Black Lives Matter….geeze don’t All Lives Matter? Yes, morons that is exactly what they are saying...right now, all lives DO NOT MATTER….Black Lives should Matter too….arghhhhh...where are all the white people being gunned down by police exactly? Right, white people are not being indiscriminately being gunned down by police which is why Black Lives should Matter too.

I do not really want to spend another 5k words on this, well, I don’t have the time today...But, I do think this whole move by Fox and others to demonize Black Lives Matter and the protesters across the country fighting police violence in inner cities is victim blaming of the worst kind.

It is also just another example of the Southern Strategy in action...another example of Nixonian tactics against the inner city to fire up scared and angry whites...another example of Bull Connor's populist nastiness...another example of Willie Horton...and isn’t it convenient that it is happening at the same time even the GOP was starting to consider sentencing reform….shocking.

When in doubt (middle class mostly white folks), when your political power is waning (GOP), or when the spotlight is forcing real reforms to take place (police unions) turn to demonizing the inner city...It has worked for decades, why not use it again to make sure nothing upsets the status quo.

Oh but hold on, is it true? Is a national crime wave and war against the police being sparked by the Black Lives Matter movement….of course not.

I come with evidence...much evidence….so get your reading glasses out.

I am doing this in a sloppy style because I really made all the arguments I wanted to make about this. But, in case people are interested or to prevent too much backlash...Here are some sources supporting my POV.

First, anti-police violence is not going crazy..This in NO WAY is saying that it is not a problem, just saying that there isn’t a “mood in the country” causing massive violence against police. People should NOT shoot police and police should not shoot unarmed black people.


(btw that is from the Washington Post, not exactly a liberal bastion)

Second, what about those notorious (anecdotal) marchers saying terrible things about police?








I do want to mention here, that nobody defends what the Minnesotan Marchers said...but, pretending that these marchers represented the movement is literally nuts. See...see...they really are a hate group….Righhhhhht….perhaps you missed that they believe LIVES MATTER….You have to believe that Black Lives Matter is saying ONLY Black Lives Matter...That is not what it means it means FOR GOD'S SAKES BLACK LIVES SHOULD MATTER TOO….You have to be willfully ignorant to continue this nonsense.

Also, this whole issue is an obvious case of false equivalency...People should not indiscriminately shoot police (or anyone else, which is why the police should not shoot unarmed black people). Saying the police should not be killed does not undermine the logic of supporting reform of the police for the same reason Huckabee et al keep spouting (lives matter).

And, in case that is not enough, here is a bonus debunk of most anti-Black Lives Matter nonsense:


Third, the whole notion of the “Ferguson Effect” that is resulting in a new crime wave across the major cities of this country...also pretty much bogus:









What do criminologists say? It’s nonsense


Is it fear mongering, you bet it is, no different than Willie Horton back in the day:



Is it Race Baiting politics at its worst? Duh, of course it is:


Is it part of our history of using crime to delegitimize civil rights progress? Obvi



Anyway, I can add more...or debate the merits...But, I think this should mostly do the job for me.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

What do you think of the claims about Black Lives Matter in the press? Share your thoughts, leave a comment!