YouTube Weekend Playlist

The Autumn Stones, Escapists

The Autumn Stones, Escapists

Beaming the Pirate Satellite towards some new shores. In addition to my Thursday Playlists (Spotify), Tuesday Digital Bins (BandCamp and SoundCloud), and Google+ #OPSThrowdown on the weekends (just enter the # and you will find them). I am doing a weekend YouTube Playlist.

This is my first YouTube Playlist - OPS Throwdown 4/9/16 - ENJOY!

1. Frankie Cosmos "Outside With The Cuties," Next Thing 

2. Black Mountain "Florian Saucer Attack," IV

3. Amnesia Scanner "Crust," AS EP

4. The Courtneys "90210," The Courtneys

5. Stars "From the Night," No One Is Lost

6. Autumn Stones "Endless War," Escapists

7. Nap Eyes "Dark Credence," Whine of the Mystics

8. Gotobeds "Real Maths Too Much," Blood Sugar Secs Traffic

9. Buzzcocks "Why Can't I Touch It," Singles Going Steady

10. Love and Rockets "Haunted When The Minutes Drag," Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven

The Buzzcocks, Singles Going Steady 

The Buzzcocks, Singles Going Steady 

How did you like the playlist, trying to get my stuff to every possible source for easy usage, let me know what you think, leave a comment!