Would You Love An 80's Club?

This is my first playlist here,

I am going to try to put one up a week, they will be very different (and not always have this coherent a theme) and speak to lots of different influences.


This playlist will let you experience the club - 1980's style...Withe the one exception of Mas Ysa (Thomas Arsenault often sounds like an 80's artist and inspired the playlist).

I was a club kid in the 80's + have written some posts about it, but all the embed tech (hopefully) lets me transport you + let you hear what you would have likely heard on the dance floors in the 80's.

If you like Mas Ysa, you can get his most recent album Seraph here:

Mas Ysa Serapg

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to participate, would love to hear from you!