Uranium Club, Twin Peaks, + Buzzcocks - "I Hate Radio" Music News 1/9/2017

"I Hate Radio" Music News


Want to thank my friend Aaron for the awesome new logo (a cool caricature of my hero Joe Strummer).

I am communicating the music stories that speak to me every day. I used to just post links, but that didn't leave me room for commentary. 

Oh, I am also going to start a podcast soon, more on that as I get it all setup. As you can guess, it will be called "I Hate Radio" which is my response to "I Heart Radio."

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Oh, and every Tuesday I put out new Spotify Playlists, last week's playlist was the "Me and the Losers" #Spotify Playlist.

Uranium Club

This is a little bit of a lot of the things that I love in music:

Smart but silly, check

Post-punk jangle, check

Real nods to the greatness that is DEVO, check

Anyway, If any of that sounds good to you, I would strongly suggest checking out "All Of Them Naturals" by Uranium Club (Static Shock Records). Uranium Club are from Minneapolis, Minnesota and Pitchfork likes them too.

Ummm, The Date For Twin Peaks Return Has Been SET!


Get ready for the return of Twin Peaks, it will start with a two-hour episode on May 21st at 9 p.m. on the Showtime Network.

I guess that is a long enough lead-time for me to make peace with a new Showtime subscription (I love Lynch and we are living in particularly Lynchian times right now).

Buzzcocks Box Coming


Before there were "Singles Going Steady" there was a self-produced EP called "Spiral Scratch" which in some ways launched the DIY era of punk in the UK. To say it was a very important part of punk history would be an understatement. Well, it was announced today that Spiral Scratch is getting a re-release for its 40th anniversary. In addition, as if that was not enough good news, there will be a Buzzcocks box set to be called "Buzzcocks (mk.1) Box."

Note to self...self, start saving money for Buzzcocks box set.

Okay, that is it for another Monday!

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