Playlist: "Touch Real Maths Love"

Amnesia Scanner, AS EP

Amnesia Scanner, AS EP

Another Thursday another Spotify playlist. I sweated  and slaved over this one a bit more than usual (not entirely sure why).

Some fun stuff on this one, I love that new Amnesia Scanner EP and the Paul McCartney song is mind blowing (where did that come from). Nap Eyes, Father, and Kamaiyah are all from new albums that I liked. Also the included version of Moments In Love is from their box set. The Buzzcocks song at the end might be my all-time favorite (by them). The minor threat version of 12XU is a cover of the classic by Wire.

I try to include some interesting hyperlinks in the stuff below the Spotify embed - if you explore the stuff below the embed (click on the artists name, don't always succeed, but I try).

1. Moments In Love, Art Of Noise, And What Have You Done With My Body, God (Box)

2. Not In Love, Crystal Castles (w/Robert Smith), Crystal Castles II

3. AS Crust, Amnesia Scanner, AS EP

4. Temporary Secretary, Paul McCartney, Paul McCartney II (Special Edition)

5. How Does It Feel, Kamaiyah, A Good Night In The Ghetto

6. Real Maths/Too Much, The Gotobeds, Blood//Sugar//Secs//Traffic

7. World Up My Ass, Circle Jerks, Group Sex

8. Why Don't U, Father (w/ILoveMakonnen) , I'm A Piece Of Shit

9. Dark Credence, Nap Eyes, Whine Up The Mystic

10. A Devil In The Woods, The Gun Club, Miami

11. 12XU, Minor Threat, The First Two Seven Inches

12. Why Can't I Touch It, Buzzcocks, Singles Going Steady 

So ends another fun playlist, I listen to them all like 40 times as I am refining them, so by the end of this process, I always think they are amazing (but could be I am just too close to them too).

Hope everyone is having an amazing week!

Nap Eyes, Whine Of The Mystic

Nap Eyes, Whine Of The Mystic