Top Tweets/Retweets & Likes of 2015

by Joshua B. Hoe On Pirate Satellite is a passion project, I have wanted to write this blog for a long time, it was a thrill to finally get it out there.

I have encountered so many supportive and cool people on Twitter and Google+ - Thanks for so many great interactions this year!

Given we are a pretty new blog, I have been really excited to connect with so many people who have influenced my life musically in such a short period (really only been live for a few months).

Best pure music conversation:

My favorite music conversation happened when I saw a RT of my most recent playlist from @Iheartnoise

This was my reply to the like:

And he said,

@OnPirateSat No worries - saw Downtown Boys in there, so I got curious

— IHeartNoise/ Ilya S (@Iheartnoise) December 27, 2015

And we were off to the races, it ended up being about a 5 hour conversation. @Iheartnoise is Ilya S who is a music writer and runs the blog I Heart Noise. Conversations like this are the reason I wanted to write a blog in the first place.

And Stephen Mallinder Nods:

The great Stephen Mallinder of the legendary Cabaret Voltaire even joined in for a second, liking the following exchange:

And when I followed up with this post, he was also nice enough to like it:

Thanks again to both Stephen and Ilya!

Best Hip-Hop interactions:

My blog is all about the combinations of music that come from our urban and suburban areas...I call punk and hip hop (and a good deal of Blues) urban roots music.

One of my favorite hip hop acts of the last few years has been Run the Jewels, and I have had several quick interactions with them over 2015 on Twitter.

Most recently, I put up a post talking about the cool method Killer Mike used to do his 6 part interview with Bernie Sanders.

The original post was:

And it got retweeted by Mike, also getting the following response:

@OnPirateSat thank U Josh

— Killer Mike (@KillerMike) December 22, 2015

This was not our first interaction, we had some jokes, I teased him about always mentioning a certain time of the day:

You have to admire @KillerMike for being so committed to tweeting this every day :)

— Joshua B. Hoe (@OnPirateSat) November 17, 2015

Mike responded:

I found my calling RT @OnPirateSat: You have to admire @KillerMike for being so committed to (cont)

— Killer Mike (@KillerMike) November 17, 2015

There was some other back and forth, but you get the idea.

Probably my funniest exchange with a hip-hop artist was with Vince Staples, mostly because he called me out in a way that was so true it was almost scary...He cold read me.

Vince was defending his interview statement that 90's rap wasn't that amazing (or something like that)..I took offense and said:

@vincestaples Summertime 06 is one of the best albums of 2015 BUT how can u not like De La is Dead, Bizarre Ride 2 Pharcyde, Low-End Theory?

— Joshua B. Hoe (@OnPirateSat) October 28, 2015

He replied with my Tweet of the year:

@OnPirateSat no, go listen to portishead, Sugafree, and Eiht.

— Vince Staples (@vincestaples) October 30, 2015

Funny because he nailed it, because obviously I do love Portishead...Doh.

Yes, I am "that" white hipster guy.

Vince Staples is a funny dude.

And finally Talib Kweli was cracking about jazz not having that much influence, I wrote back and he basically made his own version of the Vince Staples comment (only with a RT)

My Punk and Post-Punk Heroes

One of the craziest and most encouraging things that happened was literally the first week the blog was up getting thumbs up from Keith Levine.

As many of you probably divined from the name of the blog, I am a huge Clash fan, Keith Levene (@missingchannel) was one of the original founding members of the Clash and later became best known as the guitarist for Public Image Ltd.

So, remember, this is my first week of the blog and on Twitter.

Someone posted a list of "Best Guitar Riffs" of all time (been taken down since) but it didn't have any mention of Keith Levene, so I asked why the list didn't have the riff from the song "Public Image."

But Keith responded with a like, to which I responded:

@missingchannel Honored by the Favorite! The riff on song Public Image = an all-time fave! Part 2 of that series out tomorrow - Viva Clash!

— Joshua B. Hoe (@OnPirateSat) October 25, 2015

Which also got a like. Truly appreciated, and a great way to christen my new boat!

And, finally, about five times, I have gotten a like from the great Peter Hook, to my mind the bass player who defines Post Punk (Joy Division, New Order, Peter Hook and The Light.

One of my true Rock and Roll Heroes, probably in the Top 10 of my life.

Here is an example:

Humbling when one of your idols interacts w/ posts...last week @KimletGordon + today @peterhook (must be bass)

— Joshua B. Hoe (@OnPirateSat) November 1, 2015

So Many Great Tweeps

I do a great deal of my blog promotion on Twitter, where I have also been known to engage in the occasional hashtag game.

So, last but not least, want to recognize a few Tweeps who have been really supportive, and who have made my 2015 a better place!

Hundreds have been supportive, and I try to thank everyone whenever I can. The main reason I wanted to write the blog is to inspire discussion and activity around all of the bands that I love.

In particular, I wanted to thank Joshua B. Hoe ‏@ShutUpAmanda who really has gone above and beyond several times (even sending missives out to all her followers to check out my blog - and she has a TON - because she is awesome).

I met her playing # games - which she is amazing at, and got to know her a bit, super nice, very smart, very cool.

If you get a chance, you should check out her blog (where she writes a ton of really personal and challenging exposition about her life

And, lately I have been talking a bit with @dee_vorced - at first, I wasn't sure we would get along, but he has really become a good "friend in Twitter"

Of course, everyone else too.

Thanks for all the great times, I wish everyone the best in 2016!

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