The Return of Technics Turntables

by Joshua B. Hoe I was a terrible DJ.

I DJ’d for about a year at a place called, I can’t make this up, The Candy Store located in Denton Texas in the mid-80’s.

I DJ’d for about two summer nights in a secondary room at Club Clearview in Dalllas (but was obviously not good enough to get any traction at all).

I had friends who were good DJ’s….At one point, I knew a couple of great DJ’s...But, I never got any better...I guess am content just appreciating the music and occasionally playing drums now.

Despite being a terrible DJ, I like all other DJ’’s of my era fetishized a turntable called the Technics 1200...It had this cool sliding pitch control and just did everything right.

But, truth be told, I never really used many other turntables in a DJing context...I really had no basis of comparison...But, I knew to worship the 1200.

The 1200 was to DJ’s what Iphones are to Apple lovers (I think).

Maybe there is a larger commentary in there somewhere about commodification or something like that...But, today I saw that after discontinuing their turntable line in 2010...Technics is back baby!

I could not for the life of me explain why that makes me happy...I will most likely never own one….But, for some reason it did...The brainwashing seems to have worked :)

Are you happy for the return of Technics? Do you have a DJ history? Tell your story, leave a comment!


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